GoPro Hero 6 Review: Is it the ultimate Christmas gift?

I have managed to head out on a lot of hiking and running trips this year with my cameras in tote. From the West Coast Trail to snowshoeing Kananaskis with our Blitzed Trail Running team, I've managed to shoot a few thousand frames and video hours of footage for both personal use and for commercial gigs with Blitz, CBC Edmonton, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, BCA Tours and Jasper Tourism. My job has taken me to some pretty amazing places and using photos and video as tools to tell stories has become a … [Read more...]

Punch pass and unlimited group fitness pass transfers from other Edmonton Fitness Companies

Your workouts are a very personalized activity. In so many instances we buy passes and don't end up using all of them, they expire, or even worse: the company changes or closes down.  Here at Blitz we want to ensure that you get a quality workout that improves your muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and that you feel like you're a part of a great community that will support you in ways that you could have never imagined. We want to give you bit of a break financially with this amazing … [Read more...]

Six tips to start running.

I used to believe that I wasn’t meant for running. I have been into weightlifting for the past few years when I first began my fitness journey. Looking years back to high school days, in gym class we had 12 minute runs. I would whine about shin splints, my legs being short, about anything that I could complain about to associate with running. I made excuses for myself. I love the weights, the way I felt after lifting. I also know I can lift weights, I am aware of my strength.   This year I … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Yoga for Runners

yoga for edmonton runners

Yoga is a great compliment to running as it helps to restore balance and symmetry to the body. It's easy for runners to forget about movements that will improve their performance. With different terrains in Edmonton, yoga can be an essential tool for the Edmonton runner's weekly training. Benefits of Yoga There are many benefits when it comes to yoga for runners. Improved flexibility Increased strength Improved balance Improved stability Improved mobility Improved … [Read more...]

Fitness Training for LGBTQA+ in Edmonton

edmonton training methods for transgender and gender non-conforming folks

Have you met Émilie/Emmett Lamache? If not, we're sure you'll be hearing about them in Edmonton! Em specializes in fitness training for the LGBTQ+ community in Edmonton, with a focus on training for transgender and gender non-conforming people. CBC Radio-Canada Interview "When you go to school and meet people who are raised in a different way, you realize that there is a very different perception of being a boy or a girl." Recently Em was recently featured on CBC Radio-Canada. Click below to … [Read more...]

How to get ready for the Edmonton Outdoor Soccer Season

soccer drills for edmonton performance training

The Edmonton soccer season is fast approaching and if you're like me, you are probably itching to get out there and play. I have been playing this sport ever since I can remember and one of my goals is to really focus on sport specific conditioning with my clients. Soccer is a team sport that taxes both the aerobic and anaerobic system, and involves lots of multi-planar movement. It requires good endurance, agility, speed, and power. Players will perform short intervals of sprinting at high … [Read more...]

Most Common Soccer Injuries and How to Prevent Them

edmonton sport conditioning

There are several ways that someone can get injured in soccer whether it is from a quick change in direction/twisting motion, landing awkwardly, or colliding with another player. Some of the most common injuries seen in soccer players are sprains and strains, typically in the lower extremities. Strains can occur in the adductor muscles, but more commonly in the hamstring from lots of short bursts of sprinting. Sprains occur most often in the ankle, most people refer to it as a rolled ankle. … [Read more...]

Full House Lottery: Check it out this weekend!

'If you haven't checked out the Full House Lottery grand prize houses in Edmonton you definitely should this weekend! I was there hanging out with the Winners of The Bear's Boy's Night (we'll call it couples night instead) at the House where we watched the Oilers game, explored the house, and had some fun in the gym. The house is incredible with high vaulting ceilings and well... just take a look at this: Full House Lottery Boys Night Brief Tour And of course we managed to break in the … [Read more...]