Splitboarding: the next evolution of back-country adventure.

Courtesy of Ascend Splitfest

Some of us long for that quiet space, a place that is seemingly untouched by the world where we can venture into wild. For the longest time, the winter back-country was relegated to cross-country skis, touring skis and snowshoes, but athletic technology has advanced to the point where many sports can be adapted to the rougher conditions. Snowboarding is a sport in which back-country options were limited: you could snowshoe, snow-mobile, or heli-ski but taking the board alone was not an option. … [Read more...]

Exercises you can do with an Elastic Band: Global TV Segment February 3, 2016

Elastic Band Reverse Fly in Lunge 2 Blitz Conditioning

Elastic bands or surgical tubing are one of the most versatile and cost effective pieces of equipment that you can purchase. I would recommend buying a package with a variety of resistance levels. For most of the exercises mentionned below you should be able to perform between 12 to 15 repetitions with the band, if it's too light then use a band with more resistance. Here are some strengthening exercises that you can do: Half Squat to Leg Abduction: Tie a knot so that the straight elastic … [Read more...]

Staying Fit While Pregnant – Key Areas to Keep Strong!

Sarah Shoulder Torso Twist (2)

Earlier in my pregnancy I was physically able to still do all the exercises I taught, and it was only my cardio endurance that suffered (why? See previous blog!). However, recently I’ve noticed new limitations when it comes to certain movements in relation to my ever growing stomach. Obviously I can no longer lie on my stomach, but I also can not bring my knees to my chest in a v-sit crunch, and I now must raise the handlebars on my spin bike so my knees don’t knock my belly. Overall these … [Read more...]

Jasper in January: Winter Done Right.

Jasper in January 11 Dog Sledding

Let's face it, Edmonton and most of Northern Alberta is a winter wonderland for upwards of eight months of the year. We can chose to embrace it or run from it. We live in such an advanced society that a person can practically remain in doors or in a vehicle for an entire year without stepping one foot outside. But there is a movement: Edmontonians are choosing to gear up and head out for adventures.  I've heard of so many people who are getting into snowshoeing, cross country, winter running, … [Read more...]

Staying Fit While Pregnant – Adapting to This New Body

PSX_20160120_153555 (2)

Over the years of working in the fitness industry I have developed a great appreciation for the human body, and how it is able to adapt, strengthen, and repair itself unknowingly to its user. Now that I am pregnant, my admiration for the human body (specifically the female body) has grown even further, because of the dramatic transformation the body undergoes to accommodate a growing baby. I am 22 weeks along (over halfway in this 40 week journey) and my body continues to change and adapt to … [Read more...]

2016 – Let’s Do This!

Jen Ference

Ringing in the new year allows me to be both reflect and anticipate. As I reflect on 2015 I look back at the fitness goals that I set January 4, 2015 and published for you all to see: In 2015 I will… participate in a variety of activities to build strength, definition and endurance appreciate my body for its strength and endurance, and for what it allows me to accomplish daily (this will require great control of my self-talk and Rob’s patience) complete a second marathon … [Read more...]

Snowshoeing 101: Getting Started

Snowshoe Edmonton Wayne Gretzky bridge.jpg

I remember strapping on these flimsy-oversized-plastic-tennis-racket-looking-things to my knee high winter boots as an elementary child and absolutely hating snow shoeing. Waddling around hard packed snow-covered soccer field was my first experience with the sport and I really failed to give it a second chance till now. Snowshoes have changed a lot in the past decade. Gone are the waffled tan plastic one-size fits all shoes, they've been replaced with a high tech shoe made of ultra light … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with plus-sized mountain bike tires? Does size really matter?

27 inch plus sized bike Edmonton Specialized

There used to be a time when mountain bike tires came in one size and width but those days are long gone.  Now-a-days tires come in all sizes, from 26 inches with a width of 1.8 to 2.4 inches, to fatbikes which are 26 inches with a 4 inch width, and up to a 29 inch tire with a 3 inch width. What's the deal with all the different sizes? Tread pattern and composition of tire have been the factors that have been most modified in tire technology and then the focus turned to the frame: suspension, … [Read more...]