Strength Training for Cross Country Skiing


I love winter. I believe that Edmonton is one of the most fortunate cities to live in when it comes to winter. Yes it can last for many months, but the season brings countless sunny days and access to a totally different set of sports and activities. My intent this season is to learn how to, and take a deep dive into cross country skiing; many of our parks and running trails turn into cross country ski tracks in the winter so it's a great way to keep exploring! Cross country skiing is one of … [Read more...]



Is anyone else guilty of spending countless hours on the Harvard Business Review website? You know it always starts with one article and next thing you know, an hour has passed and a dozen articles have been scrolled through on your computer screen. You feel slightly more intelligent than before but know the real genius is the person who added the “what to read next” link in the top right corner. My most recent binge session was ironically about being busy - one click later I was learning how … [Read more...]

Get a grip: climbing gyms of Edmonton.

Rock Jungle Edmonton Climbing.jpg

I remember when Vertically Inclined first opened up in Edmonton in the 90's and I begged my parents to go. To no avail it was too far away from so I didn't have a chance to scale those walls. Flash forward to six months ago and for some reason it finally dawned on me that I lived only a few blocks away from my childhood dream of ascending dizzying heights through clouds of chalk! Climbing has become one of my favourite sports. It forces me to unplug from everything and focus purely on technique … [Read more...]

You’re Invited! Off Season Training Program For Runners

Erin Shaw off season Conditioning running.jpg

Hello! For those who don't know me my name is Erin Shaw and I am a personal trainer at Blitz Conditioning. Since working as a trainer I have worked with various individuals that are runners (short and long distances), and I have provided them with their cross training for days they do not run. Because of my job as an observer I get to see what  clients sticking points are or what training compensations they have, first hand, and develop their programs with the ultimate goal of improvement in … [Read more...]

Walking Groups of Edmonton


There are so many mental and physical benefits to walking and hiking. From improved circulation to stress relief, it's simply good to get out and move. The greatest thing about walking is that it's accessible to everyone; you simply lace up your shoes and head out the door. If you're like me, I like having some company while I'm traipsing around town so it's great to connect with friends and walking groups to add a more social dynamic. Here are a few but not the only walking groups I found in … [Read more...]

Running: The Importance of Muscle Activation and Utilizing Your Off-Season

Erin Shaw off season training.jpg

Running- like any sport- requires your body to have a well-built foundation in order for you to keep excelling at the sport. What I mean by a well-built foundation is having a strong and powerful kinetic chain that works together to improve your overall performance. Most athletes have the tools or knowledge they require to advance within their sport, but many of us are stubborn and our time is valuable. We spend so much time practicing our actual sport that sometimes stretching, rolling and … [Read more...]

Edmonton’s Hidden Running Gem’s Part 3

Goldbar Park Edmonton

Now that you know how to dress the cooler temperatures while exercising, here are some more great hidden running trails for your enjoyment! Terwillegar Park: This park is one of the most well trafficked off leash dog parks so be prepared for the cute puppy factor to hit incredible heights! After you get past the dogs there are many gravel pathways and single track trails to explore that are connected to the open field - head left for direct access to a lot of single track trails. These … [Read more...]

Dressing for Cold Weather Activities: The Basics of Layering


This week on CBC Edmonton AM we covered the what to wear for activities in the cold. As Edmontonians we've probably all had this happen at some point in time: you look out the window and it's sunny and bright but when you step out the door a massive gust of cold air hits you like a sucker punch with a bag of ice. But we are Canadians. Instead of packing it in for the fall and winter we look the cooler temperatures straight in the eye and punk slap it in the face so hard El Nino shoots out of … [Read more...]