A Work In Progress


My typical week Monday: Personal training 1hr Tuesday: HIIT 1hr and 8-10km run Wednesday: Personal training 1hr and 8-10km run Thursday: HIIT 1hr Friday: HIIT 1hr and 8-10km run Saturday: HIIT 1hr Sunday: 12-18km run When I think about my fitness journey thus far, it’s easy to categorize it in terms of personal training, HIIT and running. And my advice for those three things is simple: show up and give it your all. But any fitness journey obviously encompasses much more than, well, … [Read more...]

Fuel for the Week

Mixing Cookies

Inevitably, what we eat is an integral part of fitness. And for both of us, it seems to be one of the hardest things to get right. Fuelling our bodies well to train and perform is vital to meeting all the fitness goals we’ve set.     Planning and preparation are what we have found to be most helpful strategies to keeping our eating on track throughout the week. For us, planning and food prep isn’t a super scientific process. We don’t get too caught up in the details. Because we run a … [Read more...]

Fitness Challenges

Lunge Rob Bekius

At 47 and fast approaching a mid-life crisis (BIG 50) my fitness journey has not always been an easy one. All of this happened to me after hitting 40: Tendinitis - running, hockey Torn ACL – hockey Separated shoulder – compliments of Tough Mudder Bulged disk in my lower back – shovelling snow because my lazy kid didn’t Double hernia surgery last summer – just after I got married … coincidence?? Arthritis in both shoulders – bad genes donated from my parents Deep desire to sleep … [Read more...]

Step-Up Your Weights


We all heard the saying, “if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!” So why do I still see so many people using those little weights. If you are using what people consider a little weight, but you are struggling with it, keep using that weight you’re doing it right! But if you are using a weight that by the end of your set you’re ready to do it all over again, with no struggle, time up that weight! You will see much better, and faster results using that weight that makes you feel … [Read more...]

Good Intentions


How does that song go? I had good intentionnnnns.. Or something like that. As I left on a plane for Las Vegas last week, I had full intentions to eat properly, limit my alcohol intake, and get proper rest. Well, anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas can predict how this story ends. I actually didn't eat terribly. Which, as most trainers would tell you means I definitely didn't eat properly. Alright, I had chicken and waffles one day. The cheat is rarely worth it. Except for this … [Read more...]

Nibble on Nutrition: Wednesday 7:00 pm!


How strong is your snack game? Bring your snack and meal recipes to tomorrow's nutrition session where we'll share, salivate, and satiate our needs to be informed about snacking!  Meagan is going to give some tips on what constitutes a proper snack and we'll brainstorm some awesome ideas too. Where: Blitz Conditioning When: 7:00 pm Wednesday How: Sign up here (spots are limited to 10), bring a healthy appetite... for learning.       … [Read more...]

Jen’s Game Plan

Scale nice try

So in our first blog Rob and I laid out our goals for 2015 and while it what we are committed to, without a game plan and actions attached to those statements, we risk them remaining simply statements of intent. The following is my game plan: Goal #1: participate in a variety of activities to build strength, definition and endurance I think this goal is probably a bit of a cop out in that I have committed to doing this for the last 10 years. I guess I should have probably said that I … [Read more...]

AMRAP- Your workout, your pace.


We are very excited to be adding in even more group classes! At 7 AM Monday-Friday and also Mondays at noon we will be adding AMRAP classes. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. We will have the workout of the week up on the newly painted chalk board in the HIIT room and you will be given 55 minutes to see how many rounds you can complete! Once you have completed the workout you can write your name on the chalk board (if you wish) with how many rounds you've finished.  AMRAP classes are … [Read more...]