Taming the Beast

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I think it probably safe to say that my biggest challenge in running and fitness, is the mental game, the need for mental stamina in the face of pain. There are countless times in training and racing, where I’ve found myself in a mental rut that is hard to get out of. Having confidence and believing that you can achieve something can be as important as hours and miles of training. I can honestly say that I have downright given up on myself mid training run and mid-race because of mental … [Read more...]

Run for Joel: Community.


We talk a lot here about community. As a matter of fact it's in our vision statement: We strive to be the number one fitness community in the world. It's big, it's audacious, and it's doable. So last week when I took on the journey of donating one dollar for every kilometre to Joel I kind of knew that I was about to open the pandora's box of caring and giving. From people offering to donate money for every workout they complete, to others offering to hit the trails with me I can't thank you … [Read more...]

Brady – My journey to becoming a firefighter!

cook jumping (1)

My name is Brady Cook and I’ve achieved my dream career goal of becoming a fire fighter. I can attest that to successfully be accepted as a recruit takes an incredible commitment. You need to want it more than anything - I did and I still do – the hard work is worth it. I love my job. The process is long and stressful; it demands the very best you have to give, day in and day out. Understanding that top physical fitness is paramount and an integral part of the hiring process and a career … [Read more...]

Hitting the trails with intent.


I've been fortunate to be gifted three things in life: a voice, the desire to make a difference, and endless energy. Thankfully I've had many opportunities to use these three things - aside from yelling at you in classes - to help others through some pretty awesome foundations, events, and building communities. I also get to meet some amazing people like this guy, Joel... He was my side-kick and official time keeper when I was volunteering at Ronald McDonald House every week (as an update … [Read more...]

Fitness: A Family Affair

Family Run

I have my NP-family, my Blitz-family, my running crew; so many great communities that I get to sweat with, and who challenge me on a daily basis but... ...my “family” family is truly at the centre of everything that I do. With them I have shared some of my greatest moments, including my most memorable fitness “feats”. This photo album of sorts captures some of those favorite moments. With each other’s encouragement we stay active, we hold one another accountable, and we have a lot of fun … [Read more...]

Checking In.


Wow. We’re already into March. With the warm temps and clear streets, speedo season is just around the corner. We’re also 2 months into our blogging with Blitz and we thought this would be a good time to check in and let you know where we are at. That’s what community is for, right? Kacey Life, training, and running is inevitably full of ups and downs. I think it’s important to take some time to reflect on what’s going well/not so well and why...to see the big picture and make some … [Read more...]

‘Listen to Your Body’

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It’s been over a year since my fitness journey began, first with weight training and HIIT then with running. And I’ve been injury-free – unless you count what happened at the River City Runners’ 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge (but let’s not). I credit this mostly to proper training, along with dumb luck and good socks as I’ve never even had a blister. I run four times a week and am at Blitz six days a week. My schedule will change, as I’m currently six-ish weeks away from full-on marathon … [Read more...]

No More 30 Day Challenges! BUT….

Blitz Conditioning HIIT Class

  Yes, you heard it right! We're discontinuing the 30 Day Challenges here at Blitz for spring and summer. It is not because they haven't been successful; as a matter of fact over the past year and a half of running the challenges we have had hundreds of inches lost, and practically every person finish the challenge successfully.  It is because over the past year we have grown in our understanding of our community.  We wanted take our programs down to what truly has developed success … [Read more...]