It’s a journey, not a race..


So here I sit. Three months and a bit into my renewed fitness journey. Not really much progress weight wise, and if I'm being honest, I have more moments where I feel discouraged than encouraged. Perhaps because there seems to be a mentality on social media that it's a race, not a long and carefully crafted journey. On Instagram, we're bombarded with posts where people have "lost weight" or turned themselves into rock-hard bodies all in 2 or 3 months. There are posts of scantaly clad women … [Read more...]

Ethan Green’s Success Story.


My name is Ethan Green and during the spring of 2014 I knew one thing, I wanted to play Bantam AAA hockey for the Pac Saints. I knew the only way to do this was to get bigger and faster. Not knowing how to doing this myself I went online and found Blitz Conditioning. I began training in May 2014 with Brett, and all I can say is that he helped me with getting bigger and faster. At the time I started training with Brett I only weighed 125lbs, by the time I had finished training with Brett I had … [Read more...]

The Hard Things.


I've run 9 marathons. Not a single one has gone according to plan. I'm currently reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. Horowitz is kinda a big deal in my world (the tech startup world that is) as he's built some pretty incredible companies. The book starts with Horowitz's story of his early involvement in Netscape (#throwback), his subsequent startup (Loudcloud) – which became the fastest growing company ever - and its quick fall towards near-bankruptcy. While no where … [Read more...]

Getting ‘Back on Track’


In the nearly 15 months I’ve been coming to Blitz, I’ve never really taken a break. I classify breaks as unintentionally sleeping in and missing HIIT on Thursdays or taking vacation – though I’m pretty diligent about working out and running while I’m away. Working out and running have become engrained in my life. I love everything about my routine – the personal training, the HIIT, the running, as well as the time of day, the limits that are pushed and the people I’m surrounded by. So, in a … [Read more...]

Special Class this Sunday: Rebound Training


We're offering a chance this Sunday to try out the Rebounder Training with Sarah Meier at 10:00 am! What is Rebounder training? The most fun you will have in a fitness class! No matter what your fitness level or age, a Rebound Training (RT) class is the total package, improving one’s cardiovascular system, strength, and balance. What can you expect? A fun, high energy class with stellar music, combined with creative exercises and drills that will get the heart pumping and sweat … [Read more...]

This is why I ride: Rob’s MS Bike Ride

Rob bekius ms bike tour 1

Before I get started on the MS Bike Ride I will address my previous blog goal. I was going to lose 3 lbs and eat a bucket of KFC. Such lofty goals I know. Good news, bad news. I did not lose the 3 lbs, did not eat the bucket of KFC but did get some nice comments from my wife saying that I did look “trimmer”. I guess I will take that as a win. Our first MS Bike Team 2012 “Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal” ...was born. The MS Bike Tour is a two day, 185 km bike ride that starts in … [Read more...]

Taming the Beast

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I think it probably safe to say that my biggest challenge in running and fitness, is the mental game, the need for mental stamina in the face of pain. There are countless times in training and racing, where I’ve found myself in a mental rut that is hard to get out of. Having confidence and believing that you can achieve something can be as important as hours and miles of training. I can honestly say that I have downright given up on myself mid training run and mid-race because of mental … [Read more...]

Run for Joel: Community.


We talk a lot here about community. As a matter of fact it's in our vision statement: We strive to be the number one fitness community in the world. It's big, it's audacious, and it's doable. So last week when I took on the journey of donating one dollar for every kilometre to Joel I kind of knew that I was about to open the pandora's box of caring and giving. From people offering to donate money for every workout they complete, to others offering to hit the trails with me I can't thank you … [Read more...]