Blitzing Tijuana: A Retrospective

It’s been a few weeks since the gang Blitzed Tijuana.

The tans have faded, the sunburns have peeled and all that’s left is a sense of pride and humility at what we’ve accomplished.

We managed to build a house for a family in three-in-a-half days and if you haven’t already, here’s the video that tells our tale:

When the customs officer let me back into Canada, I should’ve ‘”declared” that it was the BEST TRIP EVER!!!

I would like to share a couple takeaways from my experience blitzing Tijuana and hopefully it motivate you to do something amazing.

I built a house AND renovated my soul

Manual labour is extremely gratifying for the body and the mind. Cutting lumber and sawing nails in 30+ weather kicked my ass but at the end of day, my work was a part of something big and a test of my strength. We all went beyond our limits and I don’t think there was a single member of the team that didn’t find out they were stronger than they thought they were after building that house. Not only did we give something with the work we did, we got something back in return.

Gratitude is all about attitude

“If only I’d win the lottery…” I’ve said that phrase over-and-over in my head and thought that my life would be easier if I only had <INSERT ANYTHING HERE> to make it better.

This changed after 20 minutes in Mexico. I witnessed countless stray dogs wander the street around houses built with salvaged building materials and powered by handmade wires strewn across electric poles.

Sid was right when he said that we all had won the lottery just by being born in Canada, yet we always look toward a fantastic future and want what we can’t have.

Instead of pining over what we want, we should just be grateful for what we have. The family we helped didn’t have a lot by our standards, but they were happy and willing to share everything they had. In fact, they said we were always welcome if we came back to Tijuana. Being grateful measures a different kind of wealth and helps give you fulfillment in everything you do. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, having satisfaction in the present will always make you a better person in the future.

Where do we go from here?

After coming off such an emotional high, you’re left scratching your head at what’s next.

I enjoyed ever minute of my time in Tijuana and I have already marked my calendar for next yet. However, there’s plenty of awesome work that I will be doing in my own backyard to renovate my soul as well.

Let’s put a community together to do some awesomeness at home Communities are great because they can expand the scope of awesomeness that you can do. So let’s challenge ourselves to build something together!*

*No experience necessary*

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