Blitzing Poverty

Recently I wrote a blog post challenging members of the Blitz community to join me in a week long trip to Tijuana, Mexico to build houses for families living in poverty.  A number of people have contacted me and expressed an interest, so I wanted to share a little more about what this experience would involve.

What does it mean to “Blitz”?

One definition of the word blitz is “a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task.” This definition of what it means to “Blitz” can be seen in our Blitz community in many different ways. For anyone that has attended a HIIT class at Blitz, you know that it definitely requires a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort!  But in my time at Blitz, I have also experienced “Blitzing” in relation to fundraising efforts and other forms of community involvement.  It’s sort of what makes Blitz tick — you might even say it’s in the DNA of Blitz Conditioning.

Blitzing Tijuana

So what would Blitzing Tijuana look like? Typically a trip like this is about a week long, beginning with a flight to San Diego, California, where we jump into rental vans and head for the border. A member of the San Diego based Beach Tijuanaagency that will coordinate the trip for us will lead us across the US-Mexico border and to our “base camp”, where we will be spending the next 4 days. A camp service will be on site to provide us with tents, sleeping mats, and all our meals/(non-alcoholic) beverages. The next few days will be “build days”, where we will work on our assigned job sites from approximately 8 am – 5 pm.  We will rent a tool crib for each site, but there are no power tools here…we will do everything by hand, much like the people who we are building for would.  This may sound a bit daunting, but in reality, it is a very rewarding part of the trip.  Everything from mixing concrete to pounding nails and “ripping” plywood are done manually (think of it as working out all day!). Sometimes the family will work beside us, but not always, as they also have employment that they can’t afford to miss.

Houses tijuanaItinerary (tentative):

Day one is our travel day (described above).

Day two is concrete day. We mark out the location for the house, build the forms/level the site, and mix, pour and level the slab.

Day three we build the walls and start framing the roof.

Day four we finish the roof, install the windows and door(s) and apply the first (and sometimes second) coat of stucco.

Day five we tie up loose ends, clean up the job site and present the keys to the family.

Day six & seven are recreation days — a chance to relax, wind down, and celebrate our accomplishment.  This year we are looking at spending these days in Rosarito, a coastal resort city located approximately 35 minutes south of Tijuana.

Day eight we will return to San Diego and fly home.

Vans TijuanaWhen is the trip?

August 1-9, 2014.

What’s Next?

There will be an information/planning meeting on Wednesday, February 5 from 8:00-9:00 pm at the Blitz Conditioning Studio (2nd Floor, 10575 115 Street NW).  Come on out and learn more about this amazing opportunity to “Blitz” Tijuana!  If you can make it please fill out the form below:


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