Blitz Triathlon Team: The first 200 km ride of the season is in the books!

The Blitz Triathlon Team has started to ramp up their cycling time in pursuit of IronMan glory and qualification for the famous Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km ride in 2015. The challenge is that it’s still April in Alberta and the weather doesn’t always match the eagerness of the riders. So starting out a 7 am and 2 degrees, Steph, Graeme, Danielle, Cheryl, and Jenn joined the Alberta Randonneurs last Saturday for a 200 km ride on country roads through Beaumont, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Leduc and back to Edmonton. It was a cold, foggy ride but they pulled off 200 km just over 7 hours of riding time. Great job team!

200km Picture 1

All bundled up and ready to roll at 7 am.

200km Picture 2

One of the five stops on the way! Following randonneur rules, the team has to stop at designated towns and get their brevet cards signed for verification they followed the route.

200km Picture 3

An action shot! Yes, that’s frost on the trees and none of them can feel their toes.



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