Blitz Triathlon Team takes on the Hypothermic Half Marathon- Feb 23rd 2014

Hypothermic Half Team Blitz FinishJust because it’s winter doesn’t mean that the Blitz Tri team mopes on their wind trainers until the lakes thaw and the roads are free of ice and debris! On Sunday, six members of the tri team took on the Hypothermic Half Marathon (21.1 km) and the accompanying -25 degree deep freeze of Edmonton’s winter and rocked the course.
Danielle was an early bird and raced the 9 am, finishing second overall and first overall female with a time just under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Way to go Danielle!

The rest of us who were not as keen as Danielle and still recovering from the 5 am hockey beers took on the 10 am race. Graeme led the way, easily winning the 10 am race in 1:28 with the next competitor minutes behind him. The next Blitzer across the line about 7 minutes later was Steph, who was the first women. A few minutes later Mike crossed the line in a blistering time of 1:37 for his FIRST ever half-marathon. This was made even sweeter considering he just decided on Saturday to take swim coach Julie’s bib and run the race! Cheryl was close behind in 1:43 and in the top 5 women and Jen was well under 2 hours and in the top 10 women. The best part of having some Mike Hypothermic Half Team Blitzgreat results on Sunday was that there was a minimal line for the buffet brunch… the real reason we suffered out the cold and snow! Well done team, now back to the wind trainers.

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