Blitz Triathlon Club 2014 – A Year in Review

The Blitz Triathlon Club has just celebrated its one year anniversary! For many, January is the time of the year for reflection and goal setting. At the Blitz Triathlon Club, we’re no different with the exception that our season is all year, every year. There is no off season and January is just another month of where we push towards our goals. With IronMan (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, and 42.2 km run) and ultramarathons on the tri team’s list of goals we need every workout we can get.

Looking forward is great but it’s also important to look back and reflect on some of the amazing feats we accomplished as a team in 2014. Here are some highlights:

2014 Tri Club Feats

We look forward to a super 2015 and hope to see some fellow Blitzers at some of our workouts this year.






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