Blitz together with TEDxEdmonton will be making another goal setting Session on May 31th. Join us for yoga, discussion and good times! tedx Reflect and Goal Set! Blitz is coming together to host yet another all-encompassing goal setting session; only this time we’re working together with TEDxEdmonton to shape our next event under the theme of ‘Uncertainty’. We’ll look into your life’s uncertainties, share stories and help make visions into plans. Blitz Goal Setting Night 1 Please join us on May 31st as we start the event by having Chantelle McNichol take us through the first hour with a invigorating yoga session to soften our minds, awaken our bodies and collect our thoughts. Then we will have our leaders join us for a comprehensive session to figure out what goals you want to prepare for and how we can help you focus to attain them. Goal Setting Night-23 There will be refreshments and hors d’oeuvres served, and the event will take place in the eclectic space of Vacancy Hall, the basement floor of Mercer Building. WHEN: May 31st @ 4:30pm-9:00pm WHERE: Vacancy Hall, Basement floor of the Mercer Building. !04th street and 104th Ave. Spots will go fast!

Reserve your place for this amazing evening here:

Please pay $10.00 (cash only) if you’re paying directly at the Blitz Conditioning offices: #203, 10575-115street. (780-655-5347) by May 29th to reserve your spot! Thank you šŸ™‚

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Iā€™m passionate about fitness, health and helping others achieve their goals and as a result their best life.

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