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One of my favorite parts about people is: the many roles that we manage to play in life. I think what I love even more is finding people that support and encourage others to explore all of their passions.

Taryn and I speaking to our guests at our June fundraiser ‘LOL 2012’

So what am I doing when I am not in the gym working with clients to reach their fitness goals? I am volunteering as the Director of Development for a non-for profit organization called the Etisah Foundation, that is currently helping a woman named Josephine Ngale achieve her goal of a new orphanage in Limbe, Cameroon.

Taryn, Josephine and I during our ‘LOL’ Fundraiser in June 2012. We flew Josephine to Canada for the event.

One of my passions has always been people, I believe in helping others and making a difference in any way that I can. I have found that I have always surrounded myself with the same sort of people. This is probably how I found my way to Blitz Conditioning and it is most definitely why I am friends with a lovely lady named Taryn Barry and why I am involved with her in the non-for-profit organization that she started in 2007 called the Etisah Foundation. Taryn and I have been friends since high school at St. Francis Xavier where we met in the Soccer Academy. While we both went our separate ways for University and beyond we have always managed to stay close and when we both found our way back to Edmonton in 2010 we picked up where we left off and I was ready and excited to finally be able to really get involved and help her with the Etisah Foundation.

Most recent picture of the Children at the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage.

I became the Director of Development for the foundation, helping Taryn to define a clear definition of our mission and vision as well as begin to define a future for the organization once we are finished in Limbe. The biggest focus however has been fundraising for our current project in Limbe, a new building for the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage.   We have currently fundraised just under $30,000 with a need for roughly $40,000 more. I will be travelling to Limbe in the Spring with a couple volunteers to oversee the project as well as carry out a couple programs with the children that combine my passion for fitness and wellness. Blitz has agreed to help sponsor these programs as well as help us in our fundraising efforts and once again I find myself so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing individuals.


The orphanage as of Nov 2012– Still a long way to go but its coming together!

The mission of the Etisah Foundation is to create socially and civically active individuals by offering

Taryn and I presenting to the Leadership Seminar at Strathcona High School and fostering a discussion on ‘Global Citizenship’

opportunities to engage locally while contributing globally. On that note we are always looking at ways to engage our local community in what we are doing, whether it be throwing a comedy night fundraiser, or visiting local schools presenting workshops on global citizenship. We are interested in connecting people and communities.

I’ll never forget at my first interview with Brett and Chris, I told them about a non- for profit organization that I run with my best friend, and they immediately both pulled out their phones and started to follow @etisahcameroon on twitter. I remember thinking yep- this is exactly where I want to be.

 The community at Blitz Conditioning is so inspiring, as a company they believe in helping others in any way they can and since day one I have identified with this ethos for a business. My work with the Etisah foundation is something that I like to integrate in any way that I can, at Blitz I have found nothing but support for this cause and to me it really goes to show how when you have a group of people that are passionate about people, amazing things can happen. Whether we are working to help others integrate fitness into their lives, or supporting a local organization at the end of the day a passion for people is at the heart of all we do and goes beyond the gym.

If you have any questions about what I do outside the gym with the Etisah Foundation please email me at:

Check out our website to learn more or make a donation.

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