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For anyone that has ever been in Blitz, it is pretty apparent that we value community as a company. This community minded focus at Blitz is what encouraged me to work here in the first place and is one of the best parts about my day to day. Community is something that has always been extremely important to me. Which is why, in my ‘free’ time I volunteer as the Director of Development for the Etisah Foundation.
You can read my story of how this came to be here:

kids in shirts Armed with a suitcase full of yellow t-shirts donated by amazing Blitz Conditioning community members in Edmonton, last March I travelled to Limbe, Cameroon to oversee our major project of building a new Orphanage for the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage.

site visit 1 While visiting, a couple things stood out to me, first being that the current living conditions of the children was less than desirable, though the staff and community were doing the best with what they had. Secondly I was extremely impressed with the progress and initiative taken by the staff at the orphanage to begin generating ideas for future sustainability of the new building for years to come. What was most apparent was the need for this building to be finished so that these children could move into a new functional home and the staff could continue their amazing work reaching out to vulnerable visit 2

Being a small local organization we have encouraged the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage to build new partnerships with other global charities to support this project. They took it into their own hands to collaborate with an internationally recognized organization called GlobalGiving to raise funds for the orphanage construction project. We are excited to share that a representative from GlobalGiving visited the construction site in March 2014 and was very impressed with the progress of the project.

GlobalGiving offers an amazing opportunity for organizations to build on donations on one day a year- this year is May 7th- TODAY!
We are encouraging Etisah donors to donate through the GlobalGiving webpage May 7th 2014 as GlobalGiving will match any donations by 30%!!!

If you have any questions, please email me Every penny counts and today it counts for 30% more!

The kids checking out their soon to be new home!

The kids checking out their soon to be new home!

Construction is still underway- please donate and help us build this new home!

Construction is still underway- please donate and help us build this new home!

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