BBQ Power Meal

BBQ Power Meal


  • 1 BBQ Corn                                                                              100 cal
  • 1 BBQ Tomato                                                                           32 cal
  • 1/3 cup Quinoa (cooked)                                                           67 cal
  • 4oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast BBQ’d                      172 cal
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil                                                                         125 cal
  • Splash Hot Sauce                                                                         0 cal
  • Splash Balsamic Vinegar                                                           15 cal
  • Pinch Spices                                                                                 0 cal
  • Total                                                                                          511 cal

This is a super summer meal, light up the BBQ and dig in.

If you have never bbq’d corn in the husks before this is how:

Fill your kitchen sink 1/3 full of room temperature water place corn in the husks turning every few minutes to ensure the corn has had a chance to absorb the water. (soak for 15-20 mins)

Turn on your barbeque to highBBQ Tomatoes

While it heats, prep tomatoes:

Cut tomatoes in half, place in a bbq friendly tray, cut side facing up.

Splash with a bit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spices – salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and a hint of Italian seasoning.

Place corn on the bbq, turning every 3-5 mins (turn as the husks begin to get dark and crispy) after ten minutes place tray of tomatoes on the bbq.

Uncooked Tomatoes

While corn and tomatoes are on the bbq, cook quinoa as per package directions.

After tomatoes have cooked for 5-7mins, add chicken to bbq:

Toss chicken breasts in Italian seasoning and hot sauce (I uses Frank’s Red Hot)



Once chicken has finished cooking, take all items off the bbq.

Finish, by plating 1/3 cup of quinoa on a plate with tomatoes, corn (hint of olive oil and salt)

and chicken.

511 Calories (gluten free)

To make this a vegan meal, substitute chicken with either bbqed red pepper or for higher protein lentils or bean salad.

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