Bearing It All – 4 Months Until the Games Begin…

Crossfit Games

This blog is a follow up to my last one about being hungry enough to work hard for what you want. I’ve had an idea for a challenge/goal for myself for a while now (maybe 4-6 months?), but wasn’t ready to commit. Meaning, if I wasn’t sharing that goal with others, then if it didn’t happen I wouldn’t feel bad about myself or like I’ve failed anyone.

No more of those lame excuses. I’m ready to share it. Maybe that’s because I’ve finally decided to take ownership of that goal and make a plan to make it happen. Goals are awesome – they give you something to work towards, a reason to train, eat healthy. They give you motivation if you want them enough. However, if you don’t put a plan into place to get to the goal, then it won’t happen. The plan is super important. It provides a path that you can follow and maybe sets milestones for you to see how you are doing.

My goal is to compete in the Crossfit Games. I love that in Crossfit strength and speed are celebrated. I love that you need to have skill in every area and don’t have to be perfect at any one event. I love that the workouts are short and extremely high in intensity, because that’s my style 😉

Now, anyone can compete in the Crossfit Open (that’s why it’s called an open!). But to do well in the Open, and move on to Regional competitions you need to be strong and fast. I realize that for me to be competitive I need a plan to improve my strength, learn Olympic Lifting, and learn Gymnastics movements.

This is not something I can do on my own, since I just began dabbling in power lifting and Olympic Lifting. I have no problem putting myself through an insane metabolic workout where I’m jumping, running, doing burpees, and pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion. But I am not motivated or comfortable enough to train on my own through a heavy strength workout without a coach, and practice the Oly lifts. I know all too well the dangers of putting too much weight on the bar, and then lifting it with poor technique to cause myself a back injury that would put me out of the game.

So I decided to find and hire a coach. I’ll be training with her to progress my strength, and to learn Oly technique. The Open is 4 months away, and I have A LOT of work to do, but I feel so good about the fact that I know have a plan, and I’m going to follow that plan and do whatever it takes to be as competitive as possible.


A few of my targets are the following:

1. Increase my Deadlift to 275 lbs (from my current 185 lbs)

2. Increase my Snatch to 135 lbs (from the current 75lbs will be a challenge!)

3. Learn kipping pull-ups and do 20 (10 strict pull-ups as well).

4. Do 1 muscle-up

5. Do 1 handstand push-up

The interesting thing about performance goals like this, is that anyone you talk to who is doing something like this usually hires a coach. Fitness competitors, bodybuilders, triathletes: if you want to be serious and really see how far you can go, then you need to enlist the help of a professional. To make your goals a reality, the first step is to recognize that you need help. The second is to decide how bad you want it and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it (what kind of help do you need?). The third step is being consistent and not giving up along the way when things are tough in the journey.

So, I may not be able to reach all of these goals in 4 months, because that’s super aggressive, but I’m telling you all this, so I have no choice but to work for it and not let you down 🙂


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