Baby Blitz on CTV!

As some of you may have seen we were on CTV today for Baby Blitz! This class is all about getting a great workout in while spending time with your child in fun community atmosphere. The classes focus primarily on strength, cardio and of course lots of core exercises! Our qualified personal trainers are there to help make sure that each exercise is completed properly and you are hitting the right muscle groups.

In case you wanted to try the workout we did on CTV in the Morning I am going to break down the proper technique and what major muscle groups you will hit in each exercise:

Squats holding your baby: In this exercise you are going to be activating your quads (front on your legs), gluts (your bum) and core (stomach).

Technique tips: You want to make sure that you are holding your baby tight to your chest while performing the exercise and that your chest is always up. Also your weight should always be pushed through your heels and at the top of each squat squeeze your bum tight. Always keep your stomach drawn in towards your spine which will tighten your core.

Shoulder press your baby: In this exercise you are going to be activating your deltoids (shoulders), triceps (back of your arms) and once again core (stomach).

Technique tips: You want to make sure that you always have a slight bend in your knees and that your feet are always flat on the ground. You are going to press your baby above your head so your biceps (front of your arms) end up by your ears. Keep your stomach tight so that back does not arch.

Pulse lunge with your baby straddling your front knee: In this exercise you are going to be activating your quads (front of your leg), hamstring (back of your leg), gluts (your bum) and surprise, surprise core (stomach).

Technique Tips: You want to make sure that you always push your weight through your front heel and you are up on your toes on your back foot. Your back knee should almost touch the ground and should pulse 8-10 inches up and down. Keep your back straight up and down, do not arch forward!

V-sit twist with your baby: In this exercise you are primarily going to be hitting core (stomach) and a little bit of shoulders.

Technique Tips: This is one of the only exercises that you are allowed to round your shoulders and your back. Raise your feet about 6 inches off the ground (or you can leave your feet on the ground for an easier method) and lean back as much as you can until you feel your core tighten. Holding your baby twist through your torso and touch your babies feet to the ground on the right and left side.

This is how the workout should be performed.

Squats holding you baby: 20 reps

Shoulder press your baby: 15 reps

Pulse lunge with you baby straddling your leg: 20 reps

V-sit twist holding you baby: 15 reps each way

Do the 4 exercises with as little break as possible between each. Once you have completed them all take 1-2 minute break and repeat that 4 times.

Try it out and let us know what you think! Hope you had fun!

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