How To Do: High Pull (Video)

Steve Moore High Pull Video Blitz Conditioning

This is the first step in the progression for a kettlebell snatch. It looks easy, but the tricky part is not letting the kettlebell flip over. It's important to keep your elbow high, and use your legs to make it a quick motion. Here is how to do it: Start with the kettlebell between your feet Squat down and grab the kettlebell Explode up, through the hips (focus on squeezing the glutes) On the way up think of pulling the kettlebell high leading with your elbow As if you were going to … [Read more...]

How To Do: Kettlebell Clean (Video)

Steven Moore Blitz Conditioning Kettle Bell Clean

This is a great basic move to learn for kettlebells. From the clean you can get into a lot of different moves, so it really is a good basic move to know. Be sure to master this one with a good squat, a nice straight back, and without bashing your forearm with the kettlebell. Here is the step-by-step of how to do it: Start light until you get the technique down! Start with the kettlebell between your feet Squat down and grab the kettlebell with one hand Explode up making sure to shoot … [Read more...]

How To Do: Kettlebell Snatch (Video)

Steven Moore Kettle Bell Snatch

After you get the high-pull mastered it is time to move on to the snatch. Much like the clean there is a lot you can do from the snatch, but only once you get it mastered. Done right this id a great exercise to build power, and endurance. Here is how to do it: Start with the kettlebell between your legs Squat down, and grab it Explode up as if you were going to do a High Pull Remember keep your core engaged, and DO NOT LET YOUR BACK ARCH!!!! Make sure lead with the elbow, and use … [Read more...]

How To Do: Kettlebell Clean and Press

Steve Moore Blitz Conditioning Kettlebell Clean and Press

This is a great move to help build both endurance, and power. Since there is a double squat motion, both used to help make the move faster, and easier it is very taxing on the whole body. Make sure you have the kettlebell clean down first, because you want this whole move to be quick. You will not get the benefits of this exercise if you do it slowly.Here is how you do it: Start with the kettlebell between your feet Perform a clean At the top of the clean squat back down Try to make it … [Read more...]

How To Do: Tactical Lunge

Steve Moore Tactical Lunge

This is a great exercise to help work on coordination, and to make you think about getting deep into the squat. The deep part is important because you do not want your back to round, top or bottom, when you pass the kettlebell under your leg. It will also help with balance since the weight is all to one side of the body. Here is how to do it: Start by holding the kettlebell to one side of your body Step forward into a lunge When you reach the bottom range make sure you are deep Pass … [Read more...]

How To Do: Bent Over Row (Video)

Steve Moore Bent Over Row Blitz Conditioning

This is an exercise I see a lot of people doing wrong at bigger gyms where people are allowed to do what ever they like. Done properly you should really feel it in the latismus dorsi (lat) that is being work, as well as the transverse abdominus (core). The reason you should feel it in the core is because you should be maintaining a nice flat back, and not rotating. Here is how you do it: Start by getting into proper position Same hand, and leg on the bench, back flat (both forward, and … [Read more...]

How To Do: Side-to-Side Push-Up (video)

This is an exercise that can take sometime to really get use to, the coordination takes a little work. It works both your chest, and core. You can do this by moving a few times in one direction then back again, or just back and forth. Here is the break down: 1) Start in push-up position 2) Go down do a push-up 3) On the way up walk one hand and leg to the side (try and use the moment on the way up to help) 4) Bring your other hand back over into the starting position 5) Do another … [Read more...]

Training With Purpose


What are you training for? Is there an end goal for what you are doing? Or do you find yourself going to the gym, and just going through the motions? I've been there, I was going to the gym, but lacked purpose of what I was in pursuit of. My workouts were still hard hitting, and I enjoyed them, but they lacked something. That something was a vision of where I wanted to go with it. When I was in MMA I use to train really hard at the gym with the vision of improving my power for striking, and … [Read more...]

How To Do: Dead Bug (video)

Dead bug is easily my favourite core core exercise! It may look easy, but done right it is a real workout on the transverse abdominis, the muscle that helps keep your truck upright. Here is the step by step: 1) Start lying on your back with your arms straight up, and knees and hips at 90 degree angles 2) Make sure your back is FLAT against the ground, NO ARCHING 3) Extend one of your legs straight out, and the opposite arm up. Do this in a nice controlled motion (3 seconds out, 2 … [Read more...]

How To Do: Wall Sit (video)

This is a fairly simple exercise, but a great way to build up endurance, and to help build size. Here is the quick run down of how do it: 1) Stand with your back to the wall 2) Slide down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground 3) Sit there 4) Just keep sitting there Here is what it should look: Try it out as a rest, or before doing another leg exercise, or an exercise all by itself. Each time you do it try and go for a little longer, and slowly build up your … [Read more...]