Benefits of a Fit Pregnancy

A year ago I was pregnant with my first child. During those 9 months, I can attest first hand to the many benefits of exercising while pregnant. Thanks to exercise: I had very little physical discomforts such as back pain I stayed within the healthy weight gain guidelines I had a speedy postpartum recovery I was happy! Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster, exercise reduced any anxiety or depression, and increased my confidence and self-esteem! But I also want to mention 3 … [Read more...]

A New Mom with New Fitness Goals

I am back! I am back as a new mom with new fitness goals! Three months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and since then I have spent my days bonding with my little guy! But I have also been slowly adding exercise back into my life. Back when I pregnant I was blessed with no morning sickness and no serious health complications. This allowed me to continue leading all my fitness classes and stay fit throughout my pregnancy. And thanks to my active job, I am a living example of the … [Read more...]

Staying Fit While Pregnant – Key Areas to Keep Strong!

Earlier in my pregnancy I was physically able to still do all the exercises I taught, and it was only my cardio endurance that suffered (why? See previous blog!). However, recently I’ve noticed new limitations when it comes to certain movements in relation to my ever growing stomach. Obviously I can no longer lie on my stomach, but I also can not bring my knees to my chest in a v-sit crunch, and I now must raise the handlebars on my spin bike so my knees don’t knock my belly. Overall these … [Read more...]

Staying Fit While Pregnant – Adapting to This New Body

Over the years of working in the fitness industry I have developed a great appreciation for the human body, and how it is able to adapt, strengthen, and repair itself unknowingly to its user. Now that I am pregnant, my admiration for the human body (specifically the female body) has grown even further, because of the dramatic transformation the body undergoes to accommodate a growing baby. I am 22 weeks along (over halfway in this 40 week journey) and my body continues to change and adapt to … [Read more...]

Spin Bike Setup 101

With the addition of spin classes and instructors, I thought it would be beneficial to list a number of tips to setting up your bike, discuss proper body position, and the most efficient pedaling techniques. If your bike isn’t set up for you – you will feel it the next day. This is important to  prevent injury but a proper fit will allow you to utilize the right muscles to get the most power in each pedal. The more comfortable you feel, the more you can enjoy the ride and maximize on the … [Read more...]

My first Half Ironman – Expect the Unexpected

I did it, I completed my first Half Ironman Triathlon! A Half IM includes a 2Km open water swim, 90Km bike, and a 21.1Km run (a half marathon). As expected, the race was both physically and emotionally draining, but for the first time in a race I experienced both incredible highs and humbling/miserable lows. As my longest endurance race, a major part of my preparation for the Great White North Triathlon (GWN) involved educating myself on my body’s energy systems, and how to effectively supply … [Read more...]

Stay Motivated with a Race!

Hey gang, Sarah Meier here, one of Blitz Conditioning’s newest Trainers! Over the past three years I have been leading fitness classes at a variety of gyms, as well as volunteer instructing at the Don Wheaton YMCA for the past year. I have also been a long time Blitz community member, so it has been incredibly exciting watching Blitz grow over the years! Now I am thrilled to be apart of the Blitz team and I love starting my Thursdays leading your morning Blitz HIIT class! It is inspiring seeing … [Read more...]