Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge Week 12: Bound to Happen

Everyone has a bad not-so-healthy week once in a while... It was delicious. It was fun. It was so naughty! It made me gain half a pound. But it was temporary. Let’s not get carried away about it. For weeks—even months—I’ve avoided most fattening foods in restaurants. However, in the last week, I have eaten a buffet breakfast (at a Fairmont hotel no less), Indian food and Chinese food! This isn’t my typical diet. And while it wasn’t really holiday eating, I admit there was a bit of that … [Read more...]

Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge: Week 11 – Healthy Brain

When I started the 90 day challenge, I had no idea that the biggest changes would be in my brain and not in my body... Working with thoughts: I was in a conversation with a group of people once, and the question was asked: If there were no limits (money, time, etc.), what do you think would help you lose weight? The answers ranged from personal chef and personal trainer to financial motivator (Biggest Loser) to no job. But one by one, we could find people or situations where even those … [Read more...]

Rosemary’s 90 Day Challenge: Week 10 Observations 2/3 of the Way Through

So how many weeks is 90 days anyway? As I wrote “Week 10,” I wondered, what is the 90th day of this challenge? The answer: December 12. That means I have 26 days left, and I am determined to make them count. (90 days is 12.85 weeks, by the way.) I confess, the middle month of this challenge hasn’t been stellar. For numerous reasons. But that’s life. Literally, there have been injuries, sick children, business travel, snow storms, and general busyness, which have made it tougher to find … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge Week 8: Why We Eat What We Eat

When you have the knowledge, but lack the power to use it It was suggested a while ago that maybe I should talk to a dietician during this 90 day challenge, in order to help me with my eating. Great idea in theory, but the truth is, I know what I should eat. I know how much I should eat. The issue is making that happen. I was a bit dismissive of the suggestion, but when Robin Anderson from Revive Wellness suggested we just have a conversation on the phone, I was totally open to it. Robin … [Read more...]

The Un-90 Day Challenge: Week 7

Why are so many of us drawn to challenges for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days? I once did a 10 km running clinic, which was kind of a 10-week challenge, culminating in a 10 km race. I did it. And haven’t really run much since. I regret not keeping it up, but back then I felt like I’d reached the goal. This week I’ve had to be reminded of the goal of this “90-day challenge”: to break the notion of these challenges all together. This week, life happened. What a week! You know the ones: chock … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge: Week Six – A Little Escape

A Dream Weekend I have wanted to go on a yoga/spa retreat from the moment I first read about them in a fitness magazine. You know the ones: yoga, hiking, walking, healthy food (prepared for you!), all in a beautiful setting like the Arizona desert or the Rocky Mountains. The photos in these articles are always serene, the descriptions idyllic, the prices...out of my league. But when I realized I desperately needed a break, I did a search, and was thrilled to find there was such a thing right … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge: Giving Thanks

When I start my week with a good, tough workout at Blitz, I feel more confident that I can keep it up all week. This week was like that. Despite two Thanksgiving dinners with family, I had a pretty good week activity-wise. I was thankful for that. Giving Thanks for Physical Abilities I’ve noticed myself being more appreciative of my abilities lately, and less hard on myself for any limitations (I have a chronic sore lower back, and now my left shoulder is bothering me—both I attribute to … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge: Small Wins

When life’s a blur... Ever had a day--or a week--where you wondered what the heck happened to the time? Like you literally can’t remember quite what you did. It happens sometimes when you drive the same route to work every day. You get there one day and realize you don’t remember a thing about the drive. This week was like that for me. I met Chris at the end of this last week, prepared to tell him that I didn’t want to quit, but that I was really struggling to find the time to exercise. I … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge: Tough to do it alone

Week 3 Before I started this 90 Day Challenge, I created what I called “Project Me,” which I would post about on Facebook. Project Me was the title I gave to the activities I was doing to work toward my health and fitness goals. I was doing it first and foremost for me, but also to set a good example for my girls, and perhaps to motivate my friends, who were dealing with some of the same issues I was. It was also called Project Me, as I literally scheduled in my time as I would work for a … [Read more...]

90 Day Challenge: Not an overnight success, and that’s okay

Week 2 Ok, so I confess, this isn’t going to be easy. Even on week one, while I was crazy motivated, life can get in the way. Sure, I could beat myself up in this blog post (and a former me probably would have), but I’m not going to. Rather, I’m going to be honest about the week and celebrate the successes. Diet changes yield instant results First, I committed to not eating bread or baked goods, and to cutting out refined sugar. I also committed to track my food and aim to eat more lean … [Read more...]