Injuries: Respect them, heal them, and then Crush your Goals!

Happy New Year! We've all been there: had an injury of some sort - whether it was an ankle sprain, shin splints, muscle strain, etc. It's never fun to be injured, and as a personal trainer my mission is to help people learn to move properly to minimize their risk of injury. That being said, when we are constantly pushing our bodies to new limits and taking on more intense workouts and movements, the potential for injury increases. As our bodies become capable of more and more (which is … [Read more...]

Trust and Respect the Process…Fitness is a Journey

Fitness is all about trusting the process that you are going through (or the journey), and not rushing things. When we start to get impatient and want more results quicker, we end up falling on our faces (in more ways than 1)… Often we think if something is a good thing - then more of it must be better. That's true sometimes, and to some extents. However, when we rush a process that is properly thought out and planned for specific purposes (like training for something), then usually we either … [Read more...]

Bearing It All – 4 Months Until the Games Begin…

This blog is a follow up to my last one about being hungry enough to work hard for what you want. I've had an idea for a challenge/goal for myself for a while now (maybe 4-6 months?), but wasn't ready to commit. Meaning, if I wasn't sharing that goal with others, then if it didn't happen I wouldn't feel bad about myself or like I've failed anyone. No more of those lame excuses. I'm ready to share it. Maybe that's because I've finally decided to take ownership of that goal and make a plan to … [Read more...]

Are you HUNGRY?

Working out the other day, I felt like I was a little de-motivated. I was kind of puttering around, doing a few lifts here, and few sets there, not really doing anything overly planned. I was trying to figure out what was wrong, and why is it so hard for me to push myself to do a strength workout when I'm able to push other people all day doing them? I started thinking about the accomplishments in my life, and why I was able to strive hard for them. It was always because there was something … [Read more...]

Snack Recipe Alert! Vegetarian Protein Balls

This weekend I had a fun little experiment with extra food in my cupboard. I wanted to make a portable delicious, well-balanced snack for in between workouts or clients, and have searched high and low for recipes. I hadn't found a recipe that was super easy until now... A friend passed along some ingredients that he used to make protein bars, but of course there were no ratios or amounts listed. I decided play around and just try making them with the ingredients listed, and then add and … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: Got Abs?…

I had an enlightening experience the other day. It was a good reminder for me for go back to basics again. It's always awesome to be reminded of the foundations, especially when you have been exercising for many years, and get focused on other things as you progress. I was working on my back squat and making the AMATEUR mistake that I'm always preaching to people not to do! I had too much weight on the bar. I was pushing myself for the number of reps at a challenging weight- and all I kept … [Read more...]

Stay Motivated this Summer: tips for exercising on vacation!

Hey Ya'll! This post comes from a time when we are in the middle of our beautiful summer! If we are lucky, September will be nice and HOT and we won't see fall colours and cool breezes until October is just around the corner! Summer is so bittersweet when it comes to your fitness routine. Mine has been a little crazy - I had arthroscopic knee surgery in July (which luckily is a very quick recovery), and then I've had a few small vacations which tend to throw me out of routine. If you are … [Read more...]

Fats: the Good, the Bad and the TRUTH

Fat. It's a word people really loathe to speak. Most of the time the word "fat" has a negative connotation - especially to women who are constantly scrutinizing themselves about the fat on their bodies. Recently it has also begun to exhibit a good side - the "good" fats we know about. We hear about them all the time in articles: Omega-3's, 6's, and other good fats found in nuts, avocados, fish oils, olive oils, etc. So what does that mean for weight loss or maintenance? It can be so confusing … [Read more...]

Learning Crossfit: Phase 1 – Olympic Lifting

So... I've recently begun a new training program. Something that I've never even thought of doing before, being a former cardio junkie, like most women who are afraid of putting on too much muscle or "getting too bulky" (I shall rant about that in another blog). Since I starting regular weight training (maybe 5 years ago???) I've really found a love for it. It has not only improved my performance in all sports I've played, helped me lose more body fat, look more toned, but it also makes me feel … [Read more...]

Protein 101 – What Is It, and How Much?

I know there is TONS of information out there about protein. You've probably heard people tell you to eat more protein, or to eat less protein, maybe to eat lean protein, blah blah blah - everyone seems to think they are the expert! It's enough to make anyone want to bury their head in the sand and avoid all the confusion! Basically, protein is an organic macronutrient (meaning it contains carbon and our bodies require it in large amounts (grams vs milligrams). So proteins are comprised … [Read more...]