What does it feel like to run 80km?

A couple of weeks ago, along with 3 others, I ran 80km! I’m not sure I can adequately describe the feelings experienced as Chris Tse, Andre Lessard, and I supported Sean Wingrave and his Really Long Run to End MS. Arriving in Camrose, 12 hours after leaving Nisku with 9 ½ hours of feet pounding pavement, was incredible! I will admit however there were times during the day that I wondered how I got myself into this. How far are you running?! How long will it take you? Why are you … [Read more...]

2016 – Let’s Do This!

Ringing in the new year allows me to be both reflect and anticipate. As I reflect on 2015 I look back at the fitness goals that I set January 4, 2015 and published for you all to see: In 2015 I will… participate in a variety of activities to build strength, definition and endurance appreciate my body for its strength and endurance, and for what it allows me to accomplish daily (this will require great control of my self-talk and Rob’s patience) complete a second marathon … [Read more...]

THANK YOU!! – Another MS Ride Complete!

It’s been just over a month since Rob, myself, and 2000 other riders completed the MS Bike ride raising a grand total of 2 million dollars! Between the two of us, Rob and I raised $12 272 thanks to the incredible generosity of our family, friends, Blitz community, and all those who drank at our wedding (the proceeds of our reception toonie bar went to our ride this year). The ride means so much to the two of us. As we’ve shared in past blog posts, we ride for Rob’s mom and all of those … [Read more...]

Its RUN time!

In January one of the goals I set was that I would complete a second marathon & better my 2008 time of 3:59:11. I registered for the August Edmonton marathon and that is to be my race this year. I’m not sure what’s happened, but we are nearing the end of May and since the start of April I have already raced in 2 MEC 15km events, the EPH half, a NorthFace Endurance Marathon Relay in New York state and completed a Sport Course 5 Peaks trail run. I guess its as we say at November Project … [Read more...]

Super Dad

We all look for inspiration in different people to help inspire us. Something that will ignite the fire to achieve or set new fitness goals. Fortunately for me, I have these types of people all around me. One of the people that inspires me in many ways is my dad. Dear ole dad is 77 years old now, not a spring chicken. More like an old, very set in his ways chicken. He has always been very healthy with no physical issues other than getting a long needed new set of knees last year and has … [Read more...]

Who is an athlete?

I had never really considered myself “an athlete”. I think I would instead classify myself as active. An athlete, well that was someone who is good at sports and I didn’t play any sports. My brother, he was the athlete in our family. I grew up taking ballet and jazz classes, I joined the cross-country team in elementary and junior high because it was the one team you couldn’t get cut from, and as a university student I began running and going to the gym because I was no longer dancing as … [Read more...]

This is why I ride: Rob’s MS Bike Ride

Before I get started on the MS Bike Ride I will address my previous blog goal. I was going to lose 3 lbs and eat a bucket of KFC. Such lofty goals I know. Good news, bad news. I did not lose the 3 lbs, did not eat the bucket of KFC but did get some nice comments from my wife saying that I did look “trimmer”. I guess I will take that as a win. Our first MS Bike Team 2012 “Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal” ...was born. The MS Bike Tour is a two day, 185 km bike ride that starts in … [Read more...]

Fitness: A Family Affair

I have my NP-family, my Blitz-family, my running crew; so many great communities that I get to sweat with, and who challenge me on a daily basis but... ...my “family” family is truly at the centre of everything that I do. With them I have shared some of my greatest moments, including my most memorable fitness “feats”. This photo album of sorts captures some of those favorite moments. With each other’s encouragement we stay active, we hold one another accountable, and we have a lot of fun … [Read more...]

Rob’s Birthday Goal

So I was contemplating about what to blog next and I thought about setting a short term fitness goal to see if I could accomplish it. I Often get caught up in a cycle of just working out with no specific goal in mind other than “to be fit”. With no specific goal set, It is easy to cheat with treats or miss a class so making gains becomes much more difficult. I set goals for work, career, finance etc but really never for fitness. This time, I want to set a short term training/eating goal, stick … [Read more...]

November Project Edmonton: How did this all happen?

Let’s start from the beginning...the short version… 2 dudes from Boston decided that they needed to hold one another accountable to fitness after finishing their collegiate rowing careers and entering the “grown-up world”. They committed to showing up three mornings a week for the month of November and “November Project” was born. Through social media this free fitness community grew...running stairs at Harvard stadium brought my brother Andrew out to join this movement. He became a part of … [Read more...]