90 Day Challenge – A Dietitian’s Perspective

Last week I (Robin from Revive Wellness) met with Rosemary to help her practice some EBT (Emotional Brain Training) skills when she mentioned her 90 Day Challenge was finishing up this week.  While briefly discussing her successes and challenges, I was struck with the old saying it’s not about the destination but rather the journey.  Rosemary has truly made great strides along her journey and now has the tools to take her for the next 90 days (and so on)! Although I initially offered to … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Sport Success

Kelsey, (Dietitian at Revive Wellness and avid athlete) sums up the keys to sport success in the following formula: You need good (if not great) nutrition, strong training and adequate sleep if you want that competitive edge.  These 3 components work synergistically to allow your body to achieve its goals. Tailored training is needed to help grow your muscles and take your body to the next level.  The trainers at Blitz are experts in this area and can show you how to maximize your … [Read more...]

Keys to creating a training diet

We often hear athletes discussing what they eat before their training session or event, but spend little time thinking about what they eat the rest of the time. If you find your endurance or energy isn’t consistent during your workout, game  or event, you need to fine tune your ‘training diet’ because after 15 minutes into an activity,  your body is running on the food you ate up to 2 weeks ago (not what you ate 2 hours ago.) *A good training diet is going to be different for each person … [Read more...]

Summer = Berry Season

Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries to name a few. But did you also know the berry family includes grapes and kiwifruit? And that the red flesh of the strawberry isn’t technically the fruit, the tiny seeds are. While determining whether a fruit is a berry may be difficult, versatility is more transparent. Eat berries raw; reduce into a sauce, coulis or syrup; preserve into jams or jellies; or bake into cake, muffins or breads. Berries are a rich source or anthocyanins – a potent … [Read more...]

Campfire comparison

With the first long weekend of the summer behind us, we've been thinking a lot about camping. While we love campfire food as much as the next person, as Dietitians, we can't help but flinch at some of the nutrition labels. To make our next camping trip a bit healthier, we scoured the shelves for some better-for-you, but still tasty alternatives to a classic campfire meal.   These simple swaps keep your meal the same, but results in: 47% less sodium– helps with lowering … [Read more...]

Food is fashion. You wear your diet like you wear your clothes.

If you feel like everyone is talking about food these days, you might be right. The title of this post is a quote from Harry Balzer (a food guru and researcher with NPD Group) that was in an article by Bruce Horovitz of USA Today. It expresses some of our thoughts and concerns so articulately that we thought we'd share the link: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/story/2012-05-21/food-as-emotion/55431806/1 Horovitz writes “…What Americans eat and drink has become such an … [Read more...]

Frozen Spinach Dip (low sodium and gluten free)

frozen spinach dip

We at Revive Wellness, love to eat in-season for health, cost and flavor! This month, we'll be using lots of spinach as it's our featured food. You can find spinach year round, but keep in mind that they are in peak season (and again, best flavor!) late spring to early autumn. Try using fresh in stir-frys, soups, wraps and salads. (We sent out a recipe for warm spinach salad in our newsletter this month) But we understand that sometimes frozen is more convenient, so we created this tasty … [Read more...]

6 ways to reduce your sodium intake

We knew the stats were going to be bad, but were still shocked to learn that high blood pressure affects 1 in 4 Canadians and is responsible for 62% of strokes and 42% of heart attacks! With June being Stroke Awareness Month, we'd like to highlight this major contributing factor. Why are so many Canadians suffering from high blood pressure? Studies list three reasons. First, many Canadians are not aware of what their blood pressure is. Second, of those with high blood pressure many are either … [Read more...]

Moving your body goes far beyond calorie burning in EBT

If you’ve been following our Emotional Brain Training posts here, you’ll have learned a lot about EBT as a brain-based solution to stress. But, we want to highlight that EBT also incorporates principles of healthy eating, activity, adequate sleep and time for daily rejuvenation. All these factors play a role in brain health. Finding ways to move your body goes far beyond calorie burning in EBT. Daily activity, for example, produces a chemical in the brain (BDNF-brain derived neurotropic … [Read more...]

Batch Cooking 101

Time and time again, our clients proclaim the same barrier to healthy eating- I have no time! From busy work and school schedules, to traffic delays, or the kids’ extracurricular activities and the list goes on. The fact you have made time to see a Dietitian or read this blog is a miracle in itself! While we can’t produce time out of thin air, we can introduce you to batch cooking. Batch cooking is a great activity to stretch your time and your food dollar budget. It reduces the set up and … [Read more...]