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GoPro Hero 6 Review: Is it the ultimate Christmas gift?

I have managed to head out on a lot of hiking and running trips this year with my cameras in tote. From the West Coast Trail to snowshoeing Kananaskis with our Blitzed Trail Running team, I've managed to shoot a few thousand frames and video hours of footage for both personal use and for commercial gigs with Blitz, CBC Edmonton, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, BCA Tours and Jasper Tourism. My job has taken me to some pretty amazing places and using photos and video as tools to tell stories has become a … [Read more...]

Punch pass and unlimited group fitness pass transfers from other Edmonton Fitness Companies

Your workouts are a very personalized activity. In so many instances we buy passes and don't end up using all of them, they expire, or even worse: the company changes or closes down.  Here at Blitz we want to ensure that you get a quality workout that improves your muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and that you feel like you're a part of a great community that will support you in ways that you could have never imagined. We want to give you bit of a break financially with this amazing … [Read more...]

Full House Lottery: Check it out this weekend!

'If you haven't checked out the Full House Lottery grand prize houses in Edmonton you definitely should this weekend! I was there hanging out with the Winners of The Bear's Boy's Night (we'll call it couples night instead) at the House where we watched the Oilers game, explored the house, and had some fun in the gym. The house is incredible with high vaulting ceilings and well... just take a look at this: Full House Lottery Boys Night Brief Tour And of course we managed to break in the … [Read more...]

Nike Train Speed 4 Review: Run (Sort Of), Jump, Cut, Lift Repeat

I live my life in workout gear; from runners to merino wool tops it's a pretty comfortable place to be. Over the past few months I have been testing the Nike Speed Training 4 shoes thanks to Sport Chek for all manners of workouts: HIIT Boxing Parkour Plyometrics Callisthenics Weight Lifting All of these movements have put the shoes to their limits. I have worn a lot of cross training shoes but none that none that worked so well in … [Read more...]

Edmonton Oil Kings: Fun for the whole family

The Edmonton Oil Kings have been an institution in our city for over 60 years. One of the greatest things that the franchise brings to the city is an exciting opportunity to see up and coming players in a family oriented environment. Bringing the team to Rogers Place was a great decision that has allowed people to experience the facility without the high prices of other events like NHL games, concerts, and other events. The Oil Kings draw a crowd of high energy kids that will help you get out of … [Read more...]

Contest for Free Personal Training!!!!

We have been supporting the amazing NAIT Personal Training program for the past 5 years and we are happy to do it again! We have four students who are finishing their last semester and they need 70 hours to complete their practicum. So we are opening it up to you and offering FREE personal training for up to 15 people. All you have to do is commit between 10 - 15 hours over the next three months for personal training. Please fill out the form below if you want a chance to train with our … [Read more...]

Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear Infrared Men’s Reflective Jacket Review

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to men’s winter running jackets and shells as I don’t fit the stereotypical runner’s body. I’m not a 5’7” tall guy with a slender physique, quite the opposite, I’m a 5’2” muscular guy who fills a tight fitted jacket looking like a water balloon. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear® Infrared Men's Reflective Jacket from Sport Chek! How I wore it: 1) Outer Shell: - I could wear the jacket as in … [Read more...]

Four Exercises You Can Do With A Foam Roller

You'd think the only thing you can do with a foam roller is roll but we have a few exercises that you can do with a roller that are adaptations from conventional ones. Check these out: Pikes Main muscles used: Abdominal Start in a plank position with the foam roller under you shins. Keep you back & hips in line (flat) & abdominal engaged. Keep your wrists & elbows stacked underneath your shoulder . Draw knees towards your chest. Keep abdominal … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge but with a Twist: You could win $300!

We've revamped our 30 day challenge and made it bigger and better! Instead of an initial weigh in or tape measurements we decided to focus on an even more important factor: improvement in overall fitness. Here's how we're going to do it: On February 4th, we will be having a timed circuit of six exercises: Station 1: Weighted squat jumps (holding weight at chest) Station 2: Thrusters (90 degrees or more for range) Station 3: Burpees (Chest to ground) Station 4: V-sit press, heels on … [Read more...]

Global TV Edmonton: exercises you can do with one weight.

We covered a few more exercises you can do with one weight today on Global TV and here they are: Lunge to Shoulder Press: Weight is resting in one hand at shoulder height. Step forward with the opposite leg into a lunge and press the weight above your head at the same time. Keep your core tight throughout the entire movement. Place most of your body weight on your lead foot. Return back to the original position. Repeat on the same leg. Alternating Dumbbell … [Read more...]