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Edmonton’s Hidden Trail Running Gems: second edition.

Strathcona Science Park Edmonton

The weather was absolutely incredible in August here in Edmonton and I definitely took advantage of it! Lower water tables in the North Saskatchewan are concerning for some but they also open up a multitude of new paths to explore and incredible views. Let this settle in: Edmonton's River Valley is twelve times the size of New York's Central Park. So tell the next person who says that this city is boring to get lost, literally. There's so much to discover. In my last blog post I shared five … [Read more...]

Hidden Gems of Edmonton and Area: Trail Running Edition.

Strathcona Science Park Archaeological Site sunset

Here are some of my favorite runs and trail systems I've discovered in and around the Edmonton region as featured on CBC Radio Edmonton AM.  Far too often we confine ourselves to what we know, but trail running has taught me to explore more, forget about pace and finishing times, and really go out and have fun! These maps will give you some ideas of different places to explore in the city but they should hopefully encourage you discover other places for yourself. Some of these areas area a … [Read more...]

Blitz Obstacle Challenge!

You won't be getting this dirty we promise!

As Erika mentioned last week we've had a resounding demand to bring back our challenges. Instead of the traditional 30 day challenge, we are taking it up a notch and making it a team event. Between July 15 and August 15th your team will accumulate as many points as possible by attending group classes (HIIT and Spin). One class equals one point for your team. Each point is 2 seconds off your obstacle race time on August 16th. The more classes you attend as a team, the better chance you have of … [Read more...]

209 km of Lessons Learned.

Mec Run St Albert

Last month, I made a slightly crazy promise to run 200 km to Caitlin and Craig. 200 km meant that I would donate $200 to Joel's family and that both of these wonderful people would be matching me dollar for dollar.  Well 209 kilometers later I'm happy to say that this month has been a challenging but amazing adventure. I figured I'd make this blog a photographic journal of my runs, the amazing people I got to know, and the causes I supported. Over the past month I might have had three runs that … [Read more...]

Welcoming Erika to the Ownership Team at Blitz!


  Blitz Conditioning is pleased to announce that Erika Barootes has joined Brett Kirkland and Chris Tse as the newest co-owner. Over the past five years, Blitz Conditioning Inc. has focused on building community and offering a unique experience to their clients. 2015 is a year of ambitious goals for the company which includes welcoming a new partner onboard. Erika Barootes will be joining the ownership team, responsible for Internal Operations and External Relations. Erika is no … [Read more...]

163 km – Run for Joel

Joel and Rebecca

When you die you take nothing with you. The only thing that's left are the people you've impacted and the shared stories. Sit back for a moment and let that sink in. When I first sat down and ruminated over this concept I got rid of everything that was unnecessary, and donating all the extra stuff in my life to others in need. Then I partnered up with Brett to open Blitz. I consider myself privileged. I have the ability to wake up every morning with the opportunity to pursue my passions. With … [Read more...]

Special Class this Sunday: Rebound Training


We're offering a chance this Sunday to try out the Rebounder Training with Sarah Meier at 10:00 am! What is Rebounder training? The most fun you will have in a fitness class! No matter what your fitness level or age, a Rebound Training (RT) class is the total package, improving one’s cardiovascular system, strength, and balance. What can you expect? A fun, high energy class with stellar music, combined with creative exercises and drills that will get the heart pumping and sweat … [Read more...]

Run for Joel: Community.


We talk a lot here about community. As a matter of fact it's in our vision statement: We strive to be the number one fitness community in the world. It's big, it's audacious, and it's doable. So last week when I took on the journey of donating one dollar for every kilometre to Joel I kind of knew that I was about to open the pandora's box of caring and giving. From people offering to donate money for every workout they complete, to others offering to hit the trails with me I can't thank you … [Read more...]

Hitting the trails with intent.


I've been fortunate to be gifted three things in life: a voice, the desire to make a difference, and endless energy. Thankfully I've had many opportunities to use these three things - aside from yelling at you in classes - to help others through some pretty awesome foundations, events, and building communities. I also get to meet some amazing people like this guy, Joel... He was my side-kick and official time keeper when I was volunteering at Ronald McDonald House every week (as an update … [Read more...]

No More 30 Day Challenges! BUT….

Blitz Conditioning HIIT Class

  Yes, you heard it right! We're discontinuing the 30 Day Challenges here at Blitz for spring and summer. It is not because they haven't been successful; as a matter of fact over the past year and a half of running the challenges we have had hundreds of inches lost, and practically every person finish the challenge successfully.  It is because over the past year we have grown in our understanding of our community.  We wanted take our programs down to what truly has developed success … [Read more...]