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May 30 Day Challenge: SIGN UP HERE!!!

Blitz Conditioning Inc Motivation

We've got another 30 Day Challenge!  Our last few were such an amazing success that we wanted to keep the momentum rolling and provide one more challenge to cap off the spring season. CHALLENGE DEETS:  You must sweat at Blitz Edmonton at least 4 times a week! Those sweat sessions must be an hour long and Personal Training sessions and Karma classes count. Yoga counts as 1 session Once you have completed your sweat session you will mark it off on our participant board that will be … [Read more...]

Can exercise cure panic attacks?

Blitz Conditioning HIIT Workout

Anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent of all mental disorders. Between 16% to 29% of the population will have experience it in their lifetimes(1). One of the biggest reasons why is that anxiety is associated with many other mental disorders like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and bipolar disorder. The DSM-V classifies panic attacks as including four or more of the following symptoms in a sudden … [Read more...]

Nothing comes easy. As long as you’re breathing you’re one step away form making your dreams a reality.

Nothing comes easy make every breath count

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Minimalist Shoes or Barefoot Running: Should I Switch or Not?

Minimalist Running Chris Tse Blitz Conditioning

If you have been looking down at the feet of runners and gym goers recently you might have seen a plethora of new styles of shoes. We're not just talking about colour patterns but the emergence of five toed shoes and ultra flat or minimalist running shoes. The high tops and ultra cushioned armour-like shoes have been dramatically replaced with stripped down, low profile, and barely there foot wear. We are asked quite often about athletic foot wear simply because, as trainers, we live in running … [Read more...]

Can you cure a headache or migraine with exercise?


Chronic pain is quite a complex area of study but there is a progressively growing body of evidence for the use of exercise as a tool in treating migraines and tension-type headaches. Upwards of 4% of the population suffers from headaches (1) which is quite a considerable number of people when you think about it. Interestingly there has been a strong association between lack of physical activity and the increased prevalence of migraines and non-migraine headaches(2). So we should move … [Read more...]

The objective approach: let’s get science-y about life.

Blitz Nerd Fitness

Back in another life I used to be a lab nerd. My profession focused on doing the exact same procedure over and over again, hundreds if not thousands of times, in order to find an answer to a question. I remember my first lesson in the objective approach happened 2 years into my job: I walked into my boss' office and slammed my note book and lab coat on the floor in absolute frustration - yes I just threw a hissy fit, give me a break it was 8 years ago - I began mumbling incomprehensibly about … [Read more...]

Let’s get Down and Dirty!!!

Down and Dirty Race 2014

Hot off the heels of our amazing time at Bust A Move we wanted to announce the next event that we're supporting: The Down and Dirty Race This 5 km obstacle course will challenge you physically while ensuring a mud flinging dirty ol' time. One of the main reasons why we chose to support this event is because of it's association with the Alberta Cancer Foundation. We wanted to support a local event that raises funds for Albertans. What other time can you thrash around in mud with your besties … [Read more...]

Kyla’s 30 Day Challenge while on Vacation: Week 3!

Kyla Jill and Victor Flex

Well my friends, I have to admit: In comparison to weeks 1 & 2, this week has been a tad lackluster. We spent a few days in the same spot which was super nice. Did another beach workout which included a 3 km bike ride warm up and cool down to get to/from the beach. The other 3 workouts for the week were completed in our air conditioned room. My motivation was lacking a bit this week and motivating myself to get to the beach to do a workout presented itself as a daunting task. So I chose the … [Read more...]

Let’s make a difference and Bust A Move!

Bust A Move Blitz Conditioning Workout

A special thing happens when a group of people come together for a common cause. A passion spreads amongst the people and erupts into a uncontrollable desire to make a difference. We've had the privilege of experiencing this multiple times here at Blitz and we know that it's produced we focus on a greater cause. As a community we hopped right on stage last weekend to support Bust A Move and kicked off a 6 hours of fitness extravaganza where they ended up raising $400,000 and over $1 Million in … [Read more...]

The Role of Breast Cancer Proteins (BRCA1) in Fat Regulation

BRCA1 protein

Breast Cancer Type 1 Susceptibility Protein (BRCA1) has long been associated with the development of breast cancer. This protein has been known to assist in DNA repair. Mutations in the structure of the protein prevents the protein from functioning in killing cells whose DNA is damaged.  In breast tissue the lack of DNA repair may potentially lead to the formation of cancer cells.  More recently, the BRCA1 protein has also been found to be associated with fat metabolism in breast cancer cells by … [Read more...]