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Exercises you can do with an Elastic Band: Global TV Segment February 3, 2016

Elastic Band Reverse Fly in Lunge 2 Blitz Conditioning

Elastic bands or surgical tubing are one of the most versatile and cost effective pieces of equipment that you can purchase. I would recommend buying a package with a variety of resistance levels. For most of the exercises mentionned below you should be able to perform between 12 to 15 repetitions with the band, if it's too light then use a band with more resistance. Here are some strengthening exercises that you can do: Half Squat to Leg Abduction: Tie a knot so that the straight elastic … [Read more...]

Jasper in January: Winter Done Right.

Jasper in January 11 Dog Sledding

Let's face it, Edmonton and most of Northern Alberta is a winter wonderland for upwards of eight months of the year. We can chose to embrace it or run from it. We live in such an advanced society that a person can practically remain in doors or in a vehicle for an entire year without stepping one foot outside. But there is a movement: Edmontonians are choosing to gear up and head out for adventures.  I've heard of so many people who are getting into snowshoeing, cross country, winter running, … [Read more...]

Snowshoeing 101: Getting Started

Snowshoe Edmonton Wayne Gretzky bridge.jpg

I remember strapping on these flimsy-oversized-plastic-tennis-racket-looking-things to my knee high winter boots as an elementary child and absolutely hating snow shoeing. Waddling around hard packed snow-covered soccer field was my first experience with the sport and I really failed to give it a second chance till now. Snowshoes have changed a lot in the past decade. Gone are the waffled tan plastic one-size fits all shoes, they've been replaced with a high tech shoe made of ultra light … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with plus-sized mountain bike tires? Does size really matter?

27 inch plus sized bike Edmonton Specialized

There used to be a time when mountain bike tires came in one size and width but those days are long gone.  Now-a-days tires come in all sizes, from 26 inches with a width of 1.8 to 2.4 inches, to fatbikes which are 26 inches with a 4 inch width, and up to a 29 inch tire with a 3 inch width. What's the deal with all the different sizes? Tread pattern and composition of tire have been the factors that have been most modified in tire technology and then the focus turned to the frame: suspension, … [Read more...]

Blitzing 2015: a year in review.

The Run Blitz Edmonton

A lot can happen in 365 days. Over the past year, Blitz has experienced a world wind of new experiences and opportunities. We have changed but so has Edmonton’s fitness environment. By that I am not implying fitness itself has changed – 150 minutes of moderate to intense cardiovascular activities with a few bouts of weight lifting is still the standard; it is the business of fitness that has significantly changed. The expectation of the consumer is no longer solely based on a great workout; … [Read more...]

The 24 Jasper Edition: What to do in Jasper for a Day

Pyramid Lake Jasper Cross Country Skiing

If you had a short window of time, less than a day, to do something fun what would it be? I’ve struggled with this concept for a long time; my life is packed and I like it that way. I prefer living in a constant state of creativity, I love my community, and sometimes that means my times of escape are relegated to a few days or hours. When I do get time off, I chose to focus on friends and little adventures I can do with them; new styles of fitness, discovering new trails in the Edmonton area, … [Read more...]


Biathlon Edmonton.jpg

Combining two vastly different skills in one sport seems a little crazy, but there's something about biathlon that intrigues many viewers. This medley of cross country skiing and shooting is one of the most intense sports I have seen to date; muscles and heart rates are maxed out while skiing and then all of a sudden the athlete needs to still themselves enough to accurately hit targets 50 meters away. Now repeat the whole thing a few times and you have a competition. The sport has its origins … [Read more...]

Top Rope Climbing: Learning How to tie knots and fight fears.

Chris Tse Wilson Climbing Centre University of Alberta.jpg

Climbing sixty feet is high. Really high. I generally don't have a fear of heights, but when I'm suspended by a knot that I just learned how to tie less than an hour ago and I hear it creak - let's just say the palms get a little sweaty. I've wall climbed before but this was a little different; the high wall at the Wilson Climbing Centre maxes out at an astonishing sixty feet - look up, way up. Most of my experience has been in bouldering which is climbing a few feet high off the ground without … [Read more...]

Fatbiking: The Monster Trucks of Biking.

Fatbike Chris Tse Blitz Conditioning.jpg

I'll admit, before heading on this adventure I had my doubts about Fatbikes. Every time I saw one of these pedal powered monstrosities lumbering down a street or a trail I'd chuckle a little; they don't move quickly, it looks like the tires are half inflated, and they remind me of a monster truck. As I registered for the Revolution Cycle Fatbike Ride Day this past Saturday I knew I had to keep an open mind and, as always, have a ton of fun. Revolution is offering a very unique opportunity to … [Read more...]

Hidden running trails of Edmonton: Downtown Edition

Bird House Trail Henrietta Louise Edwards Park Edmonton Trail .jpg

I've said this countless times: I take mini vacations every time I run on trails. It's great to take time off and take a trip, but when the schedule is hectic  a quick dive in the woods to chill and relax is priceless. I have had a few requests for quick trail trips that are a few steps away from downtown so here it is. My two points of advice for running during this time of year: Gear Up: Some of these trails are a bit slick so make sure you tread lightly and grab a good set of trail shoes … [Read more...]