Getting Back in the Game

I have to be honest about something: I didn't workout AT ALL for the last two weeks of January. It's actually not that big of a secret. If you take a look at the January 30 Day Challenge board, you'll see that I kicked ass for the first two weeks. Four workouts per week? No problem. Owning it. Let's do this. And then, mid-January, a bunch of crazy things happened in my personal life. And those things hit me hard. I could barely keep up with work, school, and personal stuff, let alone early … [Read more...]

The Little Things

When I started working out with Chris, he asked me what my goals are. I have some lofty, long-term ones (that I’m not quite ready to share -- yet), but there was one specific goal I had in mind: make it through a Blitz Edmonton HIIT class without going on my knees for pushups (that includes regular pushups, army pushups, tricep pushups…oh man, Blitz makes us do a ton of different kinds of pushups). Well last Thursday at Amy’s 6 AM HIIT class, I accomplished that – almost. I did modify one set … [Read more...]

Britt’s Blitz Adventure Begins

Hi Kittens! If you haven't seen me 'round these parts before, my name is Britt, and I'm very proud to be a new Blitz Ambassador! Pretty much everything you need to know about me is in my Twitter bio: "Writer, marketer, vegetarian, volunteer, lover of fashion and fitness." (Oh, and cats. Ask me about cats.) But although I've long been a lover of fitness, it hasn't been consistent. I was pretty in shape in high school, then gained fifteen pounds after dislocating my kneecap in university. I … [Read more...]