Ethan Green’s Success Story.

My name is Ethan Green and during the spring of 2014 I knew one thing, I wanted to play Bantam AAA hockey for the Pac Saints. I knew the only way to do this was to get bigger and faster. Not knowing how to doing this myself I went online and found Blitz Conditioning. I began training in May 2014 with Brett, and all I can say is that he helped me with getting bigger and faster. At the time I started training with Brett I only weighed 125lbs, by the time I had finished training with Brett I had … [Read more...]

Brady – My journey to becoming a firefighter!

My name is Brady Cook and I’ve achieved my dream career goal of becoming a fire fighter. I can attest that to successfully be accepted as a recruit takes an incredible commitment. You need to want it more than anything - I did and I still do – the hard work is worth it. I love my job. The process is long and stressful; it demands the very best you have to give, day in and day out. Understanding that top physical fitness is paramount and an integral part of the hiring process and a career … [Read more...]

AMRAP- Your workout, your pace.

We are very excited to be adding in even more group classes! At 7 AM Monday-Friday and also Mondays at noon we will be adding AMRAP classes. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. We will have the workout of the week up on the newly painted chalk board in the HIIT room and you will be given 55 minutes to see how many rounds you can complete! Once you have completed the workout you can write your name on the chalk board (if you wish) with how many rounds you've finished.  AMRAP classes are … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Mood

As we approach winter our beautiful long days shorten and typically our energy levels drop. We become lethargic and unmotivated. Here are 3 simple steps to make sure you stay that awesome, upbeat person you are. 1) Spend time outside regardless of how cold and cloudy it is. That vitamin D works wonders for us. 2) Eat a well balanced diet. Make sure you are getting substantial vitamins and nutrients. Surprise, surprise when you eat healthy you feel good. 3) Exercise a minimum of 3 times … [Read more...]

Olympic Motivation

The Olympics are happening before our eyes and I am sure there are many of you who are in awe just as I am. Not only are these athletes a pure inspiration but there is something so heart-warming about watching someone’s dream become a reality on live TV.  To see such genuine tears of joy is something that doesn’t happen often in this life.  Those tears of joy come from a place that most people couldn’t even start to fathom.  The amount of time spent practicing for their event, the hours they … [Read more...]

CTV Morning Live – Park Bench Workout!!

We were extremely excited to be back on CTV this morning showcasing some great exercises that could spice up your run or any outdoor workout using a park bench. We all know how us Albertans love to take full advantage of our summers so why not get out and get active. Try out this circuit as a way to finish your fun in the sun. Bench Step-up A very simple exercise that will help build that bubble butt you have always wanted.  Make sure to keep all your weight through your heel and focus … [Read more...]

Dino: A Realistic Fitness Journey

Dino has been a client of mine for 2 years and he has a relatable fitness journey for many people. He started off with a goal of coming to workout with me twice a week. He wanted to feel better, have more energy, and drop a few pounds. In the beginning he stayed pretty consistent and saw some slight results, he dropped a few pounds and was getting stronger. As time went on there were times where we were lucky if we were getting one workout a week together and the results were becoming … [Read more...]

CTV Partner Workouts

We were on CTV morning live today with Rob Williams showing some awesome resistant band partner workouts. This is not the first time we have showcased resistance bands on CTV. They are an amazing dynamic piece of equipment that can be used for any fitness levels. The bands come in all different kinds of tension so they are great for everybody. At Blitz Conditioning we find partner training session can work the best for many clients. Having a friend there to support and push you can get you … [Read more...]

Should Athletes Train During Their Season?

I wanted to answer one of the most common questions posed by athletes: "Should I workout during the season?" The answer is absolutely!  Even after beginning a training regimen many athletes become hesitant to put forth 100% because they are concerned that it will affect their play in a negative way.  Most athletes who play at a competitive level have a high volume of practices and games.  It is very difficult to progress in their workouts without causing too much fatigue that could affect … [Read more...]

Why Women Should be Lifting Heavy Weights in their Workouts

It is a common misconception in the fitness world that women should not lift heavy weights. As personal trainers we hear this all the time, “I don’t want to bulk up” or “I put on muscle really easy.”  At the end of the day it is very hard for women to put on muscle mass because of how low their testosterone levels are. At Blitz we are constantly trying to get our female clientele to lift heavier and we know they won’t turn into the Hulk overnight. The heavier you lift the more fat you burn. A … [Read more...]