Why I picked the Garmin.

There was a lot if talk last week about sports watches first with Beto’s Pick on the Garmin and then Chris' CBC segment comparing a variety of watches that help keep you fit. It made sense because it is that time of year where many runners dust off their shoes, get off the treadmill and hit the trails. We have entered the beginning of race season where you start to set goals, you begin your training programs and the transition to shorts, tanks and sunglasses is in full affect. It is no … [Read more...]

You don’t pick your race day: How Boston didn’t go as planned.

It has been two weeks since the marathon and although this blog was never going to be easy to write - I think this is an important story to share. By now you may have heard that the Boston Marathon did not go as planned, or even remotely how I anticipated. For those unaware, the flu got the best of me and after a week of pretending I didn’t have it, I landed in Boston only to struggle more and more to hide it. I thought mental toughness could outweigh my body slowly breaking down but alas; I … [Read more...]

Learning Opportunities: My Journey to the Boston Marathon

Every moment presents an opportunity to learn, grow and evaluate. My journey to the Boston Marathon has been no exception. From the much talked about “listening to your body” components, to program designs, to nutrition, I have had subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of each. Some made significant impact while others I interpreted as soft guidelines (a.k.a. my continual over consumption of peanut butter). During this training cycle, one memory stands out among the rest. It happened a few … [Read more...]

Boston Around The Corner.

Tomorrow will mark six-weeks to the Boston Marathon. That means five more long runs, eleven more speed workouts and more than 500 kilometers to log before the big day. This is the point in training where you start to really ramp up. Every run becomes more intense, every workout is harder than the last and a big part of you wants to “just get it over with”. Yesterday’s run was a humble reminder of that. After a last minute 48-hour trip to Regina, I arrived back in Edmonton at 7:50 a.m. (A … [Read more...]

The Run. 2016.

  This January 1 – join us for something a little different. Rather than focusing on what you will do differently in 2016 – we want to celebrate all the victories we had as a community in 2015 and set new audacious goals for the year to come. As a member of the Blitz Community – we want you to start the New Year off with us. At 10 bells on January 1 we will shuffle out the Blitz doors and hit the streets on our inaugural “THE RUN”. Pick your pace and distance (you are bound to … [Read more...]

Knowing Your Product

No matter what industry you are in, product knowledge is critical. How can you discuss your business with clients, customers or colleagues without knowing exactly what your product is? Let’s keep this simple and use examples we can all relate to – food and clothes. It is Saturday night; you are heading out for dinner with a group of friends. Unanimously, you agree to try the new restaurant everyone has been raving about because you have the opportunity to try a variety of items and get the … [Read more...]


Is anyone else guilty of spending countless hours on the Harvard Business Review website? You know it always starts with one article and next thing you know, an hour has passed and a dozen articles have been scrolled through on your computer screen. You feel slightly more intelligent than before but know the real genius is the person who added the “what to read next” link in the top right corner. My most recent binge session was ironically about being busy - one click later I was learning how … [Read more...]

What it means to be a lean start-up: insight into the workings of Blitz

I will be the first to admit that a post from me is long overdue. I have been consumed with a lot of reading about start-ups and what we can do to further develop our business. I didn’t think there was much to write about that would be of interest to our readers until Chris wrote about the five-year anniversary. A light bulb went off that connected all the articles, books and journals I have read to what we stand for at Blitz and “how we put the muscle in the community”. Five years in business, … [Read more...]

Our Bodies Know Best.

This Canada Day, I was not only reminded of our great nation, I was reminded of the importance of listening to one’s body. Like many Edmontonians, I started off my July 1st celebrations with the Canada Day Road Race. I knew that our Country’s 148th birthday was not going to be a 15-kilometer PB (personal best) but wanted to race it anyway. What I did not expect was a race result of DNF (did not finish). This was a first for me and not an easy decision to make on this patriotic, humid, … [Read more...]


It has been a busy month at Blitz and I suspect this momentum won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If we aren’t building new studios, riding through the province on a tandem bike, or making your muscles burn in preparation for short-shorts and the sleeves-option season – then we aren’t doing our job. Every time I walk by the HIIT studio I can hear our instructors pushing you through tough workouts that sound a little more challenging every day. I see sweat on the floor, exhausted but … [Read more...]