Seasonal Affective Disorder and Food Consumption Pattern

In my last blog I had touched on some connections between specific nutrients and how that can affect mood disorders, like seasonal affective disorders (SAD). What a person eats can affect not just the individual, but it has the potential to expand to an entire society. For example, The trend surrounding the lack of omega-3 consumption and rates of illness can be seen occurring internationally. The relevance of polyunsaturated fatty acids for their effects on mental disorders has been … [Read more...]

Putting on a Happy Plate: How to eat your way through Seasonal Affective Disorder

Over time technology has made dramatic strides in the way food is processed and prepared. Being able to store foods for weeks at a time without it ever going bad has now become the norm. There is greater emphasis on having foods that compliment a person/family’s busy lifestyle. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of prepackaged foods. However, in the factory production of these meals, nutrients are stripped away and loaded with filler calories to make the foods energy dense but … [Read more...]

Winter Blues and Syncing Your Internal Clock: seasonal affective disorder part 2

Confused by vitamin claims? Vitamin A for skin B for metabolism C for immunity…the list goes on and on Declaring, that they are all vitally important requirements for health and wellbeing. Scientists are divided in their theories of how necessary these vitamins really are. Some studies announce that certain vitamins are imperative for the prevention and treatment of illnesses; while others seem to revoke them stating that they are irrelevant and have no more effect than placebo(1). … [Read more...]

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? SAD vs Depression

It’s the middle of winter, green grass and +20 C weather seem like a distant memory. With the less daylight outside paired with blistering winds, you notice yourself becoming more tired than in the summer months. Perhaps you find yourself indulging in high sugar/high fat comfort foods, maybe you find yourself quick to anger or tears these days. The mere thought of exercise or eating salad sends you hiding under your covers. Going out and socializing seems like a chore particularly when you feel … [Read more...]