Weight lifting & women

Alanna Seated Shoulder Press

Many women are skeptical of exercises that involve them lifting any sort of heavy weight. We are told that it will make us bulky, big, and unattractive. This has been an on going myth for quite some time and is one that I believe has held back many women from earning their dream physique. There are a few things all women need to understand in order for them to become comfortable with the idea of lifting weights and standing on the “meat head” side of the gym. First, physically women do not … [Read more...]

A Fat Burning Shake – For Everyday Enjoyment!


A few years ago, I decided to create a new recipe when I became bored with my same old shake mix. I wanted it to be something delicious that I would like enough to enjoy often, so I made sure to use my favourite flavours. It was a process of trial and error finding the right mixture of ingredients, but I eventually found the perfect concoction to replace the common boring shake mix! This shake recipe is meant for anyone, and it has no target group. Whether your'e trying to lose weight, gain … [Read more...]