April 6 Global TV Edmonton Segment: Exercises you can do with a towel.

If you have been looking for pieces of equipment you can add to your home gym, you may have noticed that the prices can skyrocket! Dumbbells cost at least one dollar per pound of weight, elastic bands can cost upwards of $25 per band depending on the resistance, and even gliders can cost upwards of five dollars per glider!

element slider glider.jpg

At Blitz we’re all about adaptation. You don’t need the most fancy piece of equipment, you can make due. Gliders or sliders were initially brought on as piece of exercise equipment because it reduces friction on the exercise surface. This increases the difficulty of the exercise because it forces you to use more core, and more stability muscles in each movement. Introducing a slider also reduces the impact through the movement since you are forced to glide in a controlled manner. These movements should be done in a controlled and slow rhythm so all the muscles involved are active. Here’s a tip: instead of heading to a fitness equipment store you can use one or two towels on low friction surfaces like linoleum and hard wood. You can also head to a local home and garden store and find furniture sliders which are the exact same as the fitness gliders but less than half the cost!

Here are a few exercises you can do with sliders:

One Legged Reverse Lunge:

Glider Towel Reverse Lunge.jpg


  1. Stand with one foot on a towel or glider, with both feet about shoulder width apart.
  2. Place pressure on both legs.
  3. Slide the glider leg back slowly and try and activate the glute and hamstring on the planted foot.
  4. Pause slightly when your knee is a few centimeters off the ground.
  5. Pull with the glute and hamstring on the planted foot to come back to a standing position.

Glider Lateral Lunge:

Glider towel sliding side lunge.jpg


  1. With one foot on the towel or glider, stand with feet about shoulder width apart.
  2. Put equal amount of body weight on both legs.
  3. Slide the foot with the towel or glider out while sitting back on your planted foot.
  4. Pause momentarily at the bottom of the movement.
  5. To stand back up, pull with the inner thigh of your planted leg.


Push Up to Glider Slide Out:

Push Up to One Arm Glider Extension.jpg


  1. In a push up position (on your knees or toes), place the towel or glider under one palm.
  2. Depending on the level of difficulty, place some of your body weight on the hand with the towel or glider. If you want to to be more core intensive and difficult, put more body weight on the towel.
  3. Perform a push up but slide the towel or glider above your head.
  4. Pause where you feel the most amount of core activation.
  5. Pull through the palm on the towel or glider and push through the palm in the push up to get back to a table top position.


V-sit to Row:

V sit to Row with towel.jpg

This move can’t be performed with a regular glider so it’s a towel or band only move.

  1. In a V-sit position: you can keep your feet on the ground as a modified exercise.
  2. Hold the towel at eye level and pull lightly to activate your shoulders and back.
  3. Pull the towel back towards your sternum and try to activate your back.
  4. Pause momentarily and then bring the towel back to eye level.
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