Another Week Down! 9 weeks to Ironman!

seanings-sean-williams-seanwilliams-edmonton-yeg-photography-photographer-fitness-sports-logo-alberta-canada-20Another week down! With the completion of last weeks training I am now officially 2 months away from race day! Am I nervous… Um , heck yes! Am I feeling better than I was a week ago, again, Heck Yes! After hearing from a couple fellow athletes that I really wasn’t alone in my trepidation and mental battles I felt a huge release. So for that I say THANK YOU! You know who you are, and you inspire me to push through in my training as you push through yours! Here we go TEAM!

Speaking of starting, I started off training last week with a new sense of optimism and a new sense of: ‘I’ve got this, we’ve got this’, pushing me forward. I went out and made sure my fridge was stocked with the food I need, I scheduled in my workouts to my busier days and I made training dates with others and with myself. It was a great week of training, beautiful weather and great company made it not even feel like the same push it has felt like lately.

I also started to say 2 new words:‘NO’ and ‘HELP’.  If you know me really well, you will understand how tough both of these words are for me. I started re-assessing all that I had on my plate, and surprise, surprise it has been a lot. I made a couple big decisions to alleviate and cut back in these areas and I enrolled the people that I needed to in where I was at and how I needed help.  And woulnd’t you know it… They all got it! They all understood and everyone is behind me 100%. Needless to say, not only did I feel a bit silly for not recognizing this sooner, I felt immensely blessed with the people that I have in my life that support me and push me and ask ‘How are things going with you’? And they really want to know and even more, they want to help.

It made me think about how often in my life I have put myself in very similar situations, without the ironman piece, and how often I avoided saying anything because I was afraid to look weak, or like I didn’t know what I was doing. The fact is, none of us really knows what we are doing 100% of the time, and how we learn is by trying something, making mistakes and asking others for help that have potentially been through the same thing, are going through it, or can just listen. The truth is, at the end of the day we are all in this together, whether we are training for an Ironman or to walk around the block or just trying to push through life, we all face mental battles, struggles, we all take on a little too much once an awhile and we all have to overcome those tough moments in our day to day in order to fully realize our goals. We all start somewhere! That’s probably been my most humbling lesson, that its okay, not to know and its okay to be unsure, and even better, its okay to say it out loud. But after that, you need to decide, what are you going to do about it and get it done! And a lot of times, enrolling others will help get you there a lot faster.

My next ½ Ironman is this Sunday! I will be at the Great White North Triathlon in Stony Plain! Looking forward to updating everyone on how it goes.

Good Luck to all of our other community members participating: Christa Cabaj and Jon Alport who are on their way to Ironman Mt. Tremblant this year! As well as Amanda Haberstock who has been training her butt off this year and will be looking to set her own PB in what will be the 1st of many ½ Ironmans for this lady I’m sure!

Total Training Hours: 15 hrs.

Post Sweaty Spin class with Leigh in Calgary!

Post Sweaty Spin class with Leigh in Calgary! 2 days later she biked her first 60km and nailed it!

Favorite workout of the week: 60km bike ride with Leigh Chmiler outside of Calgary, complete with flat tire and a chain falling off. It was a beautiful day and a great challenging ride, and Leigh’s longest ride to date!

Toughest workout of the week: HIIT Saturday at Blitz Calgary- its been awhile since I have done resistance training, with my focus on the 3 main disciplines, my shoulders were feeling it on my swim afterwards!

Biggest learning: Its okay to voice your goals and take a step back from some commitments in order to prioritize and accomplish them!

Things I’m looking forward to this week: Another long ride to test out the bike course for Great White North and of course- RACE DAY!

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  1. Amy I love all your posts but this was a really great one. Hope you have an awesome race on the weekend!

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