Andrea Troughton

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and grew up leading a very active life. I spent many years involved in different styles of dance, but fell out of it in my late teens. After high school, I began practicing hot yoga, and became certified to teach Zumba, but no matter the activity, I never seemed to stick with it long term.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I hired a personal trainer that I really found something I could stick to. I worked with my trainer for over a year when I decided to compete in a Bikini competition. At the time I was a full time bartender, and as my lifestyle changed during my prep for the competition, I realized how much I had grown, and improved myself, and how I wanted to find a career that both supported my new lifestyle, but also one in which I would be able to help others to achieve the meaningful, personal growth that I had. It was at this time when I applied for the Personal Fitness Trainer Program at NAIT.

The PFT program at NAIT provided me with the tools and knowledge to pursue this rewarding career, and helped me attain certifications as a CESEP Certified Personal Trainer, an AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer, and an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. NAIT also lead me to the opportunity to become involved with Blitz Conditioning, and I could not be happier.

I love helping clients improve their lifestyles and their self-esteem by giving them the tools to become more active and confident in their abilities. I enjoying challenging my clients and seeing their confidence grow when they discover the amazing things that their bodies are capable of. I want my clients to believe that there is nothing they can’t do.