And this folks, is what we call the TSN turning point


And now for the TSN turning point….

I may or may not have a teeny tiny fear of commitment. It’s why I don’t have a phone contract and.. maybe why I’m single? But that’s another blog.
When I was first asked to blog for Blitz, I said yes immediately. And then the realization of what that would mean sunk in.

That means going to HIIT … every day? Shit. What did I just get myself into.

The first 6 weeks were alright. I would go 3 times a week, the next four, the next two. Part of it was that no one knew my face, no one knew my name, no one really cared that I didn’t show up.

And not that anyone really does care now, but I’m grateful there are some friendly faces helping me stay on track.

Since I promised I would not miss a HIIT class during the week to a fellow Blitz-er…I haven’t. Well with the exception of one day.

Then she made me do 10 burpees with a full push-up. Thanks Kyla.

This is how much I hate burpees, I’ll put myself through Blitz class just so we don’t have to do them. With the exception of Wednesday’s a.m. class because Chris made us. So thanks for that.

If any trainers are reading, I also don’t enjoy lunge/knee-ups, mountain climbers, and anything else designed to show off how uncoordinated I am.

And that’s the beauty of Blitz, is that we’re all in this together. It’s a community. It’s a family. I’m meeting people that I would not have met, who have a similar goal in mind — to be active.

I see a whole bunch of amazing goals on the board, running marathons, Ironmans, you name it. My goal is much more broad, I wrote simply that I want to be more accountable. If I do that, if I’m consistent, then the weightloss, the muscle building, the boosted energy level, that will all come. An umbrella effect if you will.

Holy shit, did I just have a revelation?

Thanks for reading! xox Blitzfam!

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