AMRAP- Your workout, your pace.

AMRAPWe are very excited to be adding in even more group classes! At 7 AM Monday-Friday and also Mondays at noon we will be adding AMRAP classes. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. We will have the workout of the week up on the newly painted chalk board in the HIIT room and you will be given 55 minutes to see how many rounds you can complete! Once you have completed the workout you can write your name on the chalk board (if you wish) with how many rounds you’ve finished.  AMRAP classes are an amazing way for you to keep track of individual progress but also get competitive with a workout buddy!

The AMRAP classes will be:

  • done without a trainer but one will be at Blitz in case you have any questions
  • only for people who have already completed at least one 30 Day Challenge
  • counted towards your 10 card punch pass, monthly unlimited pass or as drop-in
  • if you are repeating the 30 Day Challenge this does count towards one of your workouts for the week

AMRAP starts this Monday!






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