Alethea Michalidies

I have always loved fitness whether it be in the form of outdoor activities, organized sports teams or running through the river valley with her friends. My favourite, activities inclusive to all board sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and windsurfing.

Having taken 2/12 years at the university of Alberta (bachelor of arts psychology), I realized I needed a change of pace. That’s when I went into the personal training diploma program at NAIT; it was perfect since it combined my willingness to help others and my passion for fitness.

While working at lululemon I was given the opportunity to try out new classes and workouts as much a possible with my work friends, giving me a new perspective and ideas surrounding health, lifestyle and the fitness industry.

I am open to a variety of ideas and does not push away an opportunity to try something new! My favourite workouts include teaching the HIIT classes at blitz and running her weekly outdoor classes (summer) in the Edmonton river valley with her clients and friends.

Two of Alethea’s big goals:

5-10 year:
To create a¬†children’s fitness program, centered around health and activity education.

1 year:
To run at least 3x a week consistently with friends and alone.