Adventures with the Trek Farley 5

Trek Farley 5 Chris 01.jpgFatbikes are becoming an all too common bike here in Edmonton. As this category of bike develops we’re seeing a multitude of modifications; from suspension to even wider tires, it seems like the possibilities are endless. I managed to pick up the Trek Farley 5 from United Cycle this past week and take it on a few trips in order to compare it with my previous fatbike riding experience. The biggest difference between the Trek Farley 5 2016 and the Specialized Blizzard 2015 editions is the width of the tire and frame. Stock, the Farley 5 can handle a whopping 4.7 inch tire where as the Blizzard maxes out at a 4 inch tire. This is definitely noticeable when riding on powder or sheer ice since there is more tire contact to the surface; tire pressures don’t need to be as low so the ride can be more aggressive. The Farley 5 is also a 20 speed bike whereas the Blizzard is a 10 speed giving far more options when tackling obstacles. The Trek bike can also accommodate up to a 27 inch diameter and a 5 inch wide tire so you have a lot of options for tire sizes!

Trek Farley 5 02.jpg

I managed to take the bike out on multiple occasions: single track trails with sheer ice, snow, and dirt. The Farley 5 definitely gets the rider a lot closer to a mountain bike feeling with a more aggressive and responsive ride and even better grip to the terrain. I confidently rode across single track trails that were covered in ice with very little difficulty and without loosing too much traction or having to change the tire pressure. The extra gears also helped in tackling some pretty muddy inclines without having to bail or slip back down the hill.

If you’re looking at buying a fatbike now is the time! The 2015 bikes are on clearance in preparation for the 2016 bikes are on clearance and there is still plenty of trails that are fun icy and snowy trails to bomb around on. Check out the Trek Fest Sale on at United Cycle here:

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