Abs weren’t built in a day

Work In Progress

I’m having a Regina George moment today.

Sweatpants are all that fits me right now

It’s been a bit over a month since Chris asked me to blog about my fitness journey. I’ve made it to quite a few HIIT classes, although looking at Ms. Jen Ference’s exercise plan, clearly I need to step it up.

I’m hoping that this isn’t just me, but I have this complex that as soon as I exercise for a few weeks, I expect to a) be 10 pounds lighter or b) see my abs.

Of course this doesn’t happen, and I get sad, and eat a cheeseburger. Which is kind of ironic if you think about it. Like I’m sad about being jiggly, but lets just make it worse by eating a cheeseburger.

Side note — mmm cheeseburgers.

I weighed myself this morning. Why? Unless you’re involved in the biggest loser, there’s no need to weigh yourself in the middle of your weightloss journey — I figure — because your body is adjusting. Your body is changing. You’ll know when you’ve lost weight. Your jeans will tell you.

Right now, my jeans are telling me — step away from the pizza. So now I know my weight. Maybe I’ll do that again at the end of my 6-month blogging journey.

I’ve decided to take a page from Jen’s book, because I think outlining a plan for fitness (and meals) helps maintain structure.

Monday – HIIT
Tuesday – HIIT
Wednesday – Strength training @ gym
Thursday – HIIT
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Strength training @ gym

I did connect with Meagan McLavish from Infuse Nutrition, who gave me some really awesome tips for dieting as a single person. I’m really excited to implement these.

The biggest thing she shared is planning. Which if you’ve been reading, isn’t my strong suit. She also pointed out that the biggest part people forget when meal planning is snacks. Snacks have a bad rep.. we tend to think of chips or what not.
Hard boiled eggs, plenty of fruit, having these readily available and packed at work will make healthy eating easier when I’m feeling that 2 p.m. hunger pang.

So as I check in for this 1-month progress report..I’m afraid there wasn’t much physical progress, and today honestly feels like a setback when I think about that scale number. But I think in the end, the recognition that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a turning point, that hopefully keeps me on schedule and keeps me motivated.

Let me know what you do to keep motivated!


Later Blitz-Fam!


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