A wrench in my plan…what now?


I was recently quoted giving the following advice: “Give yourself permission to have a day where nothing is planned.”

Rob laughed when he read it, responding with a doubtful “Really…”. Admittedly, I have a difficult time following my own advice.

I make plans. I always have a plan. I have a fitness plan. I have a menu plan. I have a blogging plan.

This blog was planned to be titled “My typical week” and I was going to outline/describe my week. Here’s my regular fitness plan:

  • Mondays – November Project Circuit & Blitz HIIT
  • Tuesdays – Train with Chris
  • Wednesdays – November Project Stairs & Lululemon Run Collective or Spin Flow or Blitz HIIT
  • Thursdays – Blitz HIIT or rest day
  • Fridays – November Project Hills and Blitz Karma HIIT
  • Saturdays – Spin or Blitz HIIT or Run
  • Sundays – Long Run
  • …with a determined intention to add yoga to this plan.

And then this thing called melanoma F*%#ed with my plan! You see, back in October I had this mole, the mole was removed and then I found out that it was made of nasty melanoma cells. The good news; it was thin, very thin, caught really early but in order to be sure my body is clear of these dreadful cells, I had to have a chunk shoulder carved out (I’m exaggerating here a little but that’s how I envision what happened last week). I am now left with a pretty gnarly Frankensteinish stitch line on my shoulder and have been told that if I want it to heal nicely I need to lay off any upper body exercise for 4-6 weeks.

4-6 weeks of no pressure on my shoulder. No pushups, no burpees, no plank holds, no upper body weights – pretty much means no Blitz HIIT classes, no yoga, limited NP Mondays (unless I plan only leg days for the tribe).

I need to rework my plan. This a hard for me…I like my plan, I like the people I get to see each week because of my plan, I like all of the variety in my plan (which was a fitness goal of mine). I know its only 4-6 weeks, I am reminded that it is only 4-6 weeks as I whine about this disruption. And so I will adjust, I will run some more, spin some more, focus only my lower body when I train with Chris (yikes!) and will soon be back. Mid-March – watch out! I will be ready for you!

I am still coming to terms with having to adjust my plan, I think I’ve been in a bit of denial. I almost signed up for RCR Crew’s 24hr Treadmill Challenge Midnight Yoga and early morning Karma Blitz HIIT sessions when Rob reminded me that it wouldn’t be 4 weeks mid February. But now I have a tentative plan. Here goes:

  • Mondays – Lead November Project Circuit (only doing the lower body & core exercises) & PM Run (8-10k)
  • Tuesdays – Train with Chris (lower body and core)
  • Wednesdays – November Project Stairs & PM Run (on my own or with Lulu Run Collective)
  • Thursdays – Spin or Cardio/Lower Body-Core Workout at Millenium Place
  • Fridays – November Project Hills & PM Run or Spin
  • Saturdays – Spin or Cardio/Lower Body-Core Workout at Millenium Place
  • Sundays – Long Run

This fitness plan interruption is really just the small picture. I am so lucky that I have been paying attention to my skin, that I had that odd mole checked out, that it was early, and that’s its removed. I’d say I’m pretty careful about putting on sunscreen if I’m going to be out in the sun. When I’m on a beach or outside on a hot summer day catching some rays, I lather up. What I hadn’t thought about until now is all of those sunny runs I went on (early morning, mid day, after work) that I didn’t even think about needing sunscreen – the purpose wasn’t to suntan, I was just going out running. Now the damage on my shoulder could resulted from the sunburns 10-20 years ago, from the period of time that I kept golden using the tanning beds, or from the many other ways I’ve exposed those cells to UV radiation. What I do know is that I cannot change the exposure those cells have already had nor can I control or plan what happens to those cells. But I can make a plan to protect them moving forward. So there’s another plan for me to add to my repertoire of plans – I will be buying my sunscreen in bulk at Costco!


  1. Hey Jen,

    I feel for you! I had a similar experience so I know how frustrating it can be. I broke my foot a few years back while training for a few races so I had to start training all over again a few months later. I promise you’ll come back stronger and even more determined!


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