A New Mom with New Fitness Goals

I am back! I am back as a new mom with new fitness goals! Three months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and since then I have spent my days bonding with my little guy! But I have also been slowly adding exercise back into my life.

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Back when I pregnant I was blessed with no morning sickness and no serious health complications. This allowed me to continue leading all my fitness classes and stay fit throughout my pregnancy. And thanks to my active job, I am a living example of the many benefits of exercising while pregnant! I maintained a healthy weight, I had very little back pain, and my delivery was short with no complications. And all of these factors have resulted in a strong postpartum recovery!

But my journey back to my previous fitness level has been slow and steady, and I have had to be realistic on what my body is capable of doing. The first 6 weeks consisted of walking. Then at 8 weeks I added short runs and body weight strength training. Although my muscles were weaker, it wasn’t my legs, back, or arms that required rest in those first couple months. The muscle group that has needed the attention is the pelvic floor. These unsung heroes are the foundation of the core muscles, and are key to a healthy postpartum recovery. In fact, since first becoming pregnant this group of muscles have become a focus of mine because no one talks about them, yet they are so important!! So stay tuned for my next blog post discussing the pelvic floor, and its crucial role in the body.

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Currently I’m happy with my fitness progress. I am adding more challenging exercises and becoming stronger every week. But I will continue to listen to my body, and not push through discomfort in my pelvis. I went through an incredible transformation over 9 months to create my beautiful baby, and I accept it will take time to bring my body back to its previous fitness level.

Over the last year I have developed a passion for prenatal & postpartum fitness. And I have spent much of my time educating myself on this topic with the goal of passing the information onto moms and soon-to-be moms, and help them safely stay fit while pregnant and after delivery. So I am also thrilled to be coming back to Blitz to lead the ‘Blitzfit Mommas’ class every Thursday at 10:30am! In class you can either wear your baby in a carrier, or lie him/her on the mat in front of you, whichever keeps your little one happy! This will be a full body workout strengthening arms, back, legs, core, and pelvic floor. And of course, since we all just had babies, the class is low impact and the core exercises are postpartum specific.

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First class is on September 8th and you can sign up on Mindbody!! Please feel free to contact me for information, sarah@blitzconditioning.com

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(This picture is too cute, so it had to be included in this post!)

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