A Little Can Go A Long Way!

I recently received an amazing message from a member that I wanted to share.

She told me that she has now done something that she was not able to do for years.  After going away on vacation during our big dump of snow happend and she returned and her car was buried under mounds of snow.  She had told me that she needed to clear her car of the snow, no big deal right? But just a year ago she would  had to have cleared some of the snow and gone back inside after 15 minutes because she was too tired. This time she was able to go out, and clear all the snow without having to take a break!

This was a big difference for her, and a great motivator to stick to fitness.  She comes to boxing once a week, and dedicates herself to being there, and pushing herself to be better.  The big change in her energy levels and stamina came from coming to class once a week for the past four months on a fairly regular basis!

If you are looking to change your life then why not start small?  You do not need to get out, and spend tons of money on personal training. Try going to classes, and find something you like. Even just going once a week can make a big difference in your life.  There are no excuses, only the limitations you place on yourself!

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