A healthy life with a side of community

Over the last year I started a fitness/health journey, one that became much more focused then it had ever been before. That being said, every journey has its roadblocks, mountains to climb or like in Edmonton, pothole to stumble on. I have built a foundation over the last year that has given me the ability to pass these roadblock or dodge those potholes and when I do hit one, the ability to quickly over come it.

Training up a storm
I blogged regularly while doing my 90 day challenge, that blogging was accountability and a sense of therapy. Over the months to follow I found that my blogging had a deeper impact on others then I would have ever realized, I would get messages and phone calls that would inspire me in ways I would have never expected.  Side note: If someone inspires you, telling him or her it is the biggest gift you can ever give. Some of the people began their own journeys, very different and very inspiring.

Something I have always known deep down but never really realized or could articulate was how much the idea of community meant to me. When I had my café it was a hub of community where like-minded people would come a chat, vent, connect and happened to drink coffee. When I first walked into Blitz I knew it was a place I needed to be, company I needed to be around, people I needed to know, and not because it was my gateway to health and wellness but rather it was the start to a path that led me to community.

Sarah & Chris

After a summer afternoon patio & beer date with the always honest and straight to the point Chris (yes he does indulge from time to time, more to life then sweet potatoes). He basically ask me what my problem was, what are your goals he asked… I struggled to answer, as I didn’t really know what my problem was in that moment. I knew I had been struggling with the dedication to a healthy lifestyle and the routine I’d created but didn’t understand why cause I loved everything I had done, was doing and wanted to do. After his ever so subtle, get your shit together and rock this, I realized that for me I like everything to be an event, connection or bonding experience… a type of community, so why was I struggling? Cause going to do stairs alone wasn’t as fun as doing stairs with someone else… or 15 other people, swimming for the sake of swimming was great but catching up with a friend was better, boot camp was a great way to start my day but never as fun if my pose wasn’t there.  How do I have community, true community with connection, motivation, struggle, honesty and growth… Well I build a facebook group that’s how, isn’t that what everyone does when they have an idea. Fitness Accountability League

Glenora StairsSince the beginning of July, when I started it, I have met incredibly motivating and beyond inspiring individuals, I now have a platform to push myself, talk about struggles and strengths and lots of people to break a sweat with. I plan to blog more about food (I love to cook and experiment), workout (I’m not a trainer, but I love to try new things), but mostly I’ll be talking about the community of health and wellness… next post Freezer Meal Prep 1 HUGE kitchen, 10 awesome women, over 100 meals.

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