A Goal Among Goals

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After starting 2014 with no specific fitness goals, yet making some pretty monstrous changes (and accomplishing a few things I never thought I would along the way), I wanted to approach 2015 a bit differently.

I had planned to set goals. To start swimming again, at least somewhat regularly. To overcome my fear of showing a lack of flexibility and balance during any type of yoga class. To try cross country skiing. And to get back on my bike for the first time in… I actually don’t know how many years.

It’s early. All of the above could – and likely will – happen.

But when I took a really good look at what I have been doing and what I really want to plan for, train for and accomplish, my focus narrowed to two things: Blitz and running.

So while I aim to only continue to weight up in HIIT (thanks Steve), take fewer breaks in HIIT (even when I feel like I’m dying due to my previously mentioned goal), and get bigger and better through more personal training with Brett, I’ve also decided to run 42.2 kilometres.

A marathon. A MARATHON.

Lots of people run marathons. I know people who are just starting to train for the Calgary marathon in May. I know others travelling overseas to run in glorious destinations throughout the summer. I know others planning for late summer or fall marathons. I know others planning to run 50km this year (or more!). It’s inspiring to be in a community surrounded by people with these goals and with accomplishments like these under their belts. And it’s overwhelming that in the few days following my registration, I’ve received not only words of encouragement but also offers of training assistance (which is great, as my initial thought was to just chase Nick and Kacey Keyko through the river valley).

For what it’s worth, I ran my first 5km without stopping on May 6, 2014. I ran my first half marathon last August, and followed it up with a second one two months later and seven minutes faster. With blitzfit legs, some helpful advice and plenty of encouragement, each run has pushed me to this point, even after I said on more than one occasion “I would never run a full marathon.”

I was initially thinking Victoria when I started thinking marathon. A) Because I’m absolutely terrified and it’s later in the year. B) Because it’s pretty.

But I’m going to be running in Edmonton on August 23. The Edmonton Marathon was the scene of my first half so I like the thought of it being the scene of my first full. Plus, when it comes down to it, the people who will run past me, the people I will be running with and the people I’ll see cheering along the way are a huge reason I even think I can (maybe… hopefully…) do this.

There are a couple of goal times floating around in my head. But overall my goal is to finish and – as much as possible – enjoy every step of the 42.2 kilometres, along with the many steps and kilometres leading to the start line.


  1. This is so awesome Heather! I can’t wait to watch you crush that marathon!

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