90 Day Challenge Week 8: Why We Eat What We Eat

When you have the knowledge, but lack the power to use it

It was suggested a while ago that maybe I should talk to a dietician during this 90 day challenge, in order to help me with my eating. Great idea in theory, but the truth is, I know what I should eat. I know how much I should eat. The issue is making that happen. I was a bit dismissive of the suggestion, but when Robin Anderson from Revive Wellness suggested we just have a conversation on the phone, I was totally open to it.

Robin and I met about four years ago when my husband and I went to see her about our diets. We did some journalling, and most of the outcomes were predictable. Treats aren’t treats when you eat them every day. But I was even eating less fruits and vegetables at the time than my husband! That was a total surprise. We had a good experience at Revive, but it was brief, as I didn’t really think I needed a dietician; I needed a new mindset.

Four years later, a lot has changed in that industry. Robin and I discussed what my pitfalls were, and predictably, mine were stress and fatigue, which would bring on daily fixes of chocolate, sweets and baked goods. For me, it’s almost uncontrollable at times. (Though I have to confess that this recent focus on mindfulness has allowed me to scale the binges back when they happen—win!) Robin suggested something to combat the stress and fatigue—a program with a set of tools to help navigate those difficult times.

EBT—so cool!

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) was created by Laurel Mellin, an associate professor of family and community medicine and pediatrics in the School of Medicine at the University of California. She found that when the emotional brain is out of balance, we naturally develop problems with mood, relationships, behavior and health. EBT focuses on the root cause: stress in the emotional brain. Instead of forcing yourself to change your behavior, you use a unique, proven method to ease stress in your emotional brain. I was intrigued!

This weekend I registered for a full day intensive workshop called Wired for Joy(normally 7 weeks, condensed into one full day). Along with four other participants and a fabulous facilitator from Revive Wellness, Melanie, I learned about the different brain states and how to identify and improve them. When you feel good—really good—you don’t crave the things that are destructive to your body, whether it’s food, zoning out in front of too much TV, drinking excessive alcohol, etc. But if you’re like me, you wonder “why can’t I stay in that place when I’m there?” You have a good few days or weeks of healthy eating and exercise, only to resort back to the unhealthy behaviours. Why? It comes down to that stress in the brain.

I can honestly say I loved the workshop this weekend. It really resonated with me, and since I have been using the tools, I have been happier since. Just generally feeling better about life. And as a result? I’ve been eating less. Time permitting, I am definitely interested in pursuing the next parts of EBT. Who doesn’t want to feel more joy, I mean really?!

Challenge update

With regards to the challenge, I’ve been sick this week with that sore throat, cough, laryngitis thing going around. I opted to take a break from exercise. I gave myself permission to rest. I needed it. Not so much that I didn’t want to exercise, but I needed a break from thinking about it too. And the positive thing about it is that I feel rested and ready to get back at it! This week I worked out on Day 1 and Day 3. That was it, but it’s ok.

With regards to food, it wasn’t a stellar week, what with Halloween. But when we had pizza, I had two pieces, not the 4-5 I would normally have had. I watched my portions, and I lost 1.2 lbs! I’ve even had to finally start that bag of clothes that are way too big for me, which I will donate to people who need them. Success!

Starting weight: 211 lbs (size 14/16)

Current weight: 203.6 lbs

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