90 Day Challenge Week 2: A Trainer’s Perspective


The truly amazing thing about what we do as personal trainers is that we push people to their limits physically and mentally while supporting them in their journey our reward is two fold:

  • We see someone become truly passionate about living life to its fullest
  • We reaffirm why fitness so crucial to our lives too

In this past week Paul has truly undergone a transformation!  He has spent about 10 hours exercising here at Blitz and on top of that he’s changed his nutrition and lifestyle around to truly create the base for significant change.  The effort involved in doing this and the determination required is more significant than any numeric change that he or anyone else may or may not have attained.  Forget about ratios of exercise to nutrition in order to achieve weight loss for now, it’s about the effort involved to change.  If you’re following along on this journey with your own 90 day challenge (or start at the 60 day mark too!) the first month is one of the hardest to endure for multiple reasons:

  • old habits need about 30 days to break, so you may want to dive back into the old lifestyle because it’s easier but hang tough!  After this first month, those vices you had will almost seem foreign.
  • as for food: it takes about 30 days to recycle all of your taste buds.  So those high fat and salty foods will eventually taste gross after a month.
  • you may be developing new support systems and groups of friends because of the activities you’re starting and sometimes that can be stressful.

So keep on pressing onwards I love all of the success stories I’m getting already and how this challenge is really changing lives and please keep them coming!

This past Tuesday we focused the program a lot around developing those muscles in the back.  Most of us have a fairly sedentary lifestyle and we either sit infront of a computer or at a desk for prolonged periods of time during the week so those back muscles are stressed and need to be strengthened!  We do it a little differently here at Blitz in that we circuit our isolation days and strategically hit different muscle groups in the same area.  This allows us to keep the heart rate high and still do a cardiovascular workout while building muscles and also allows parts of the same muscle group to rest a bit while other ones are activated more.  We hit the same body part at different angles so the workouts can get a little intense, I like to make the metaphor that these workouts are similar to doing an hour long run with your back muscles instead of your legs.  We also added a core circuit at the end of the workout just fo fun!


Instead of repetitions, try intervals of 30 to 45 seconds of the exercise and 15 seconds of recovery.

Each set of exercises should be performed 4 times with 1 minute rest in between.

Set 1:


Alternating Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

TRX Reverse Flyes or Bent Over Reverse Flyes with Dumbbells

Plank Rows

Heavy Set Barbell Rows

Set 2:

Chin-ups using a rope instead of handles as your grip

Burpee to Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

TRX Chin-Ups

Plank to Dumbbell Reverse Flyes

Set 3:

Bicycle Crunches



Plank Reach Outs



This circuit is definitely a little more advanced but Paul O’Brien has some awesome exercises for beginners that you can use too!  Tell me what you think and good luck with the 90 day challenge!

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