90 Day Challenge: Week 1 Update

It’s been an interesting week…

Last Friday, being the first official day of my challenge, I took it easy and hung out with family. I’m typically the kind of person that only goes out once a weekend anyways so it was nice to sit and chat while be tempted by the delicious cupcakes in the fridge. I actually posted a photo on Facebook of the cupcakes and instantly got a bunch of replies (particularly from Teri) saying that cupcakes are not part of my diet! Haha… the support was great but I have to admit, I still had one and it was deliciously worth it ūüôā

Saturday was a bit of a different story. I woke up and went to run the Royal Glenora Stairs at 10am before having a business meeting at 11am. I thought I’d be able to at least match the last time I went (5 sets + push ups, sit ups and burpees and the top of the stairs) but I only had enough energy to complete 3. Pathetic.

Later that day I received my meal plan from Robin at Revive Wellness (Call her she is awesome –¬†780.450.2027) and instantly understood why I was only able to do 3 sets of stairs. For the past few months I have been eating a¬†ridiculously¬†low amount of Calories every day. How low? 1600 low. That’s not enough for a guy like me.

Robin detailed how I should be between 2000 and 2500 calories right now and then when I’m ready to maintain my weight I should be looking at eating closer to 3000 calories per day!!! Well, for those of you who don’t know, that’s a lot of food and for the past few days I have felt fuller, yet still very hungry all the time, than I ever have in my life.

So, after getting my meal plan (which is so easy and straight forward) that was tailored for me specifically, I went for groceries and took home a pretty nice haul. Check it out.

All in these groceries cost me $74 and so far have lasted me the last 3 days. I may have to go again tonight but the food is so good and easy to prepare that I can’t complain.

I asked Robin what this plan costs and if people can just copy mine and here is what she had to say:

The cost of the work I did for you would be $ 375 this includes the cost of the individual assessment and all the custom tailored recommendations plus 30 minutes of follow up over time to make sure the recommendation work for you and to address any barriers that arise.  We have other packages that include more follow up for individuals looking for ongoing accountability and feedback.  Many individuals don’t realize that they may have coverage for nutrition services with a dietitian through their employee benefit programs.

The one thing I can’t stress enough though is that I tailored this plan specifically for you. When we talked on the phone you told me about your eating habits, what you like don’t like, your work environments (for making meals) and your social life. This plan, which will need to get adjusted as we go along, is your working guide to eating healthy, recovering from your workouts and sleeping great at night.

So, is a meal plan for everyone? No. However, If you’re anything like me trying this and that and never really having a list of whats good and bad for you… plus! when you should eat carbs and protein, what kind of carbs and protein, how much of each, etc… then you’ll love this and it will be worth every penny.

Here’s a tweet with a photo of my post workout meal. SOOOO much food and it took a while to scarf down but I can honestly say I felt so much better than having my usual 20g protein shake.

Saturday night I went out on whyte with some friends. Like any good night out there was many beer consumed and even a late night (3am) meal. This was definitely not on my meal plan and I felt it the next day when I sat on the couch for most of the day eating chicken noodle soup and sipping on tea. Why do we go out and do this again?

Monday was the real ‘Let’s kick this thing in gear and get going’ day. After a ver intense leg workout at Blitz, a day at work and then a bike ride through the river valley I felt like a champ. Combine that with an extremely full belly after eating somewhere are 2,000 calories that day and I slept like a baby.

Tuesday was a bit harder as I missed my morning workout. My alarm didn’t go off and I just couldn’t get out of bed. Combo that with some crazy dreams and I felt like I barely slept. I need to start going to bed before midnight.

I also need to start packing my lunch the night before. I have this huge half cooler lunch kit that I tote around with me, our receptionist actually looked at me in astonishment this morning when I walked in with it, but I really do eat that much food. I highly¬†recommend¬†a solid lunch kit if you’re going to take on a challenge like this.

Nevertheless I put in a full day at work and managed to pull out a solid hour long back and chest workout that evening. No one else was working out with me so keeping motivation up to go the full hour was difficult but I focused on heavier weights and did a few circuits and before I knew it I could barely complete a push up. Perfect!

This morning, before my workout, was weigh in day. Ugh.

I felt good and almost like I had lost a little extra weight. Sadly, I hadn’t. I gained weight. ¬†Check out the photo and stats below:

214.8 pounds  |  Body Fat 22.5%  |  Hydration 60.2%  |  Muscle Mass 43%

So, I went up 0.8 pounds (probably due to Saturday nights binge and my terrible recovery eating habits on Sunday) and my body fat slightly increased as well. I’m not impressed BUT this is just the¬†beginning¬†and im slowly starting to keep up with the rest of the guys (Chris, Paul O, Steve & Travis) during our morning workouts.

Four months off takes a lot out of a guy and I can’t expect to just jump back in and lose everything right away. This will take time and dedication.

Speaking of the guys, Travis (you can see his great photo here) who is not a trainer at Blitz but trains with us almost every morning, has been rocking the morning workouts. Here’s another example of a guy that has seen the advantages of group workouts. This morning he tweeted this out after the four of us did a 45min session.

Travis is also weighing in every week and so far, like me (we were out together for his birthday on¬†Saturday) he hasn’t budged very much.

195 pounds  |  Body Fat  24.1%  |  Hydration 58.4%  |  Muscle-41.1% 

This will change as we go along and I’ll keep you posted on him as well. That, or you could request for him to start blogging his progress as well (in the comments below) and we’ll make him do burpees until he says yes.

To recap, my numbers and physical appearance may not have changed since the challenge started just a few days ago but I have so far learnt A LOT about proper nutrition and ever muscle in my body hurts when I walk.

Over this coming week I’ll be working with Robin from Revive Wellness to find tune my meal plans and of course be at Blitz bright and early at 7:15am. Which in my opinion (I’ve had this conversation a few times last week) is the absolute best time to work out. 1) You have a reason to get up and out of bed 2) You have a group of like minded people there to support you and get you to your goals 3) you jump start you metabolism early in the morning and lastly 4) While all the suckers working out at 5, 6 or 7pm… you’re relaxing on a patio, going for a walk or hanging out with friends/family. For me, mornings win hands down.

See ya next week… any predictions on my numbers?

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