90 Day Challenge Week 1: A Trainer’s Perspective

Lifestyle changes are amazing things to witness from the outsiders perspective but definitely difficult to live in.  It takes discipline to show up at 7:00 am at Blitz every day knowing that you’re in for something close to a beat down.  Paul has been doing great this week in keeping up with our Team Workouts but I think he was slightly surprised that not a lot of change happened on the scale.  There has been no decrease in weight, nor decrease in body fat percentage.  I’m sure we’ve all tried keeping up with a workout regimen and been surprised that even with the hardcore dedication there was no change.   There’s two factors that really play in this result:

1) Time:  if you have just started a training and nutrition regimen it will take time for your metabolism to start up.   Our metabolism slows down as we age and more especially if we’ve been sedentary so when we think about it this way we need to reverse the decrease in our metabolism before firing it back up.  It can take some people upwards of a month if not more to begin seeing a change on the scale!  I’ve been working with some of our community members for a year and, although they saw decrease in their waist sizes throughout this time, they only started seeing a decrease on the scale in the past few months.  Also, contrary to popular belief there may never be a change on the scale for the more aged people.  Research has shown that this is actually ok within a certain weight range.

2) Lifestyle: yup!  you saw it in Paul’s blog post yesterday poor nutrition, and alcohol are a deadly and negative combination when it comes to seeing results!  The two of them act as brakes on our metabolism slowing down the effects of the exercise that we have done.   Not to mention the empty calories that we consume too!  Also, think about what you do outside of the gym, even if we workout one hour a day there are still another twenty three hours left to be unaccounted for.  The newer research about fitness is that we need to integrate it more into our daily lives.  Get up from your desks and take a lap around the office every hour or so if you can, or at least make your coffee and lunch breaks more active!  I will sometimes make my business meetings more active either by taking my counterpart into the gym or at least for a walk and bring a pad of paper.  Try this out!

So that all being said I’m confident that we will see some great results in the next week since this is Paul’s first full week of training and spot-on nutrition!

We’ve scheduled the week’s workouts and I thought I’d share with you all some of the exercises that we are working out with and the reasoning behind them. I should probably preface this by saying that these workouts aren’t for beginners, some of the exercises are a little more complex and are meant for people who have been working out for a few months.  Don’t fret though, we have a lot of workouts in our blog archives that you can reference to if you’re starting out and then consider coming back to these exercises in a few months.

This week I’ll give you Monday’s workout plan, I’ve nicknamed them “Metabolic Mondays” since we hit the biggest muscle groups in our body (our legs) but we still try and do some compound or functional exercises.  I like starting the week off with a bang with everyone primarily because we’ve had a few days rest and we can focus the energy we’ve regained on a really intense workout!  We rarely do specific repetition numbers here at Blitz, we do intervals and circuits in order to keep the heart rate high, and also because our bodies change every day so the repetition numbers will change too.  As long as we force ourselves to do as many as possible in a safe manner within the time allotted we’ll be pushing.

Intervals: 45 seconds of exercise, 15 seconds of rest between each exercise in the circuit.  

Sets: 5 sets per circuit.  Try not to rest between each of the exercises but give yourself a 1 minute rest between each circuit.

Weights: pick a weight where it’s almost impossible to finish off the last few seconds of each exercise within the circuit.  

Circuit 1:

1) Heavy Weighted Barbell Squats:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glutes, quads and core.

2) Lateral Bench Hops:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, and core.

This one is a little different since we are focusing more on an explosive energy system in the legs which we call plyometrics.

3) Box Jumps:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, and core.

This one is all plyometrics, so  you will need to be jumping on a platform or a stepper that is quite high (it would be difficult for you to actually take a step on the platform).

4) Kettlebell Swings:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, core and shoulders.

5) Full Range Motion Squat, Sitting on a BOSU Ball:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, and core.

You’ll be squatting past your knees in this one!

Circuit 2: 

1) Reverse Mountain Climbers on Gliders:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glutes and core.


  • Lie down, face up on the floor or on a mat.
  • Place your heels on two gliders
  • Place yourself in a bridge position by pushing though your heels and lifting your whole body off the ground except for your shoulders and neck
  • You should be bent at your knees
  • Extend one foot so that your knee straightens out then bring it back towards your butt
  • Alternate legs for 45 seconds.

2) One Legged Switches: 23 seconds on your left leg 23 seconds, on your right leg.

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glutes and core.


  • While standing on one foot, sit back on your heel so that your bum is pointing as far back as possible
  • Take the opposing leg and bring it as far away from your body as possible in a lateral direction
  • Take that same leg and bring it behind the planted leg and bring it as far laterally in the opposite direction
  • Do this for 23 seconds on one leg and then switch legs

3) Lunge Jumps:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, and core.

*this is a definite cardiovascular exercise!

4) Squat Jumps on the BOSU Ball:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, and core.

*this is a definite cardiovascular exercise but also involves a lot of core strength and balance since you are jumping on the BOSU ball.

5) Alternating One Arm Snatch with a Weight:

Primarily targets: hamstrings, glues, quads, core, back and shoulders.


It’s meant to be an intense workout that keeps your heart rate going the whole time, try them out and tell me what you think!

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