90 Day Challenge: Tough to do it alone

Week 3

Before I started this 90 Day Challenge, I created what I called “Project Me,” which I would post about on Facebook. Project Me was the title I gave to the activities I was doing to work toward my health and fitness goals. I was doing it first and foremost for me, but also to set a good example for my girls, and perhaps to motivate my friends, who were dealing with some of the same issues I was.

It was also called Project Me, as I literally scheduled in my time as I would work for a client. It occurred to me at one point that I always project managed for clients to the best of my ability, but not when it came to myself. And while Project Me sounds very much like one person, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Social Media

Posting status updates on Facebook about my exercise accomplishments, like this blog, was about accountability; however, the support I received from dozens of friends was unbelievable! People were inspired to return to the gym, others were motivated to just put on their shoes and go for a run. Many people were just quick to encourage me to carry on. It was awesome!

In addition, Chris encouraged me to check in with him daily about what I was doing, whether by text message or Twitter (check-ins are something he encourages all of the Blitz team to do, and I think really adds value to training there; you get support every day, not just on training days). I highly recommend putting yourself out there a little bit (in a social media environment you feel safe in), as what you get in return is totally worth it.

Gather Your Troops

If you’re a working parent like me, it is pretty much impossible to get exercise in without calling on others to help watch your kids while you do it. My eldest is in a day home for quite a bit of the week, but I often need help watching my baby. I have been fortunate to have been able to call on my mom, my friends, my husband, my sister, my dad–a whole team of people for help now and again. I strongly feel this support network is invaluable.

I suggest setting goals for yourself and creating a list of people who might need to help you accomplish your goals. Explain to them how much activity you want to do, when you think you can get to it, and why it would be so appreciated if they could help you for a couple of hours here and there. Try to make a few times consistent within the week, so you can schedule it in and know you’ll have the time. I have found this really helpful these last few weeks.


Why is it that when some people have some small success, it derails them? That happened to me during week two. I lost 3.6 lbs in the first week and then backed off a little bit. Yes, life was a bit crazy again this week…we had our house painted over the weekend and had to stay with my parents, and we spent hours packing boxes, moving stuff, and tidying up trying to the house ready to sell, but that was no excuse for the McDonald’s (eeek!! I know). By mid-week I realized I was behind on my exercise goals and I had slipped in my eating. So I regrouped. Enough, I thought, time to get back on track. So I did. However, I am still struggling to fit in the 10-minute micro-workouts. I will continue to work on that.

Here is what I did this week:

Day 1 – 55 minute Blitz Conditioning workout with Chris
Day 2 – Rest
Day 3 – Rest (this is the weekend of house painting, and I was tired!)
Day 4 – 2 x 10 minute workouts
Day 5 – 60 minutes hot yoga
Day 6 – 2 straight hours of packing, lifting, cleaning, which left me sweaty and breathless, so I’m counting it here
Day 7 – 45 minutes of cardio; 1 x 10 minute workout

While I may not have accomplished the goal of 20-60 minutes of exercise for six days again, I did manage to get my eating back on track and increase my activity by week’s end. And I lost 1.2 lbs in the process!

Like Chris tells me, it’s about mindful eating, not always eating super clean in a crazy working-mom life. I think it’s also about mindful activity – not overdoing it, but being aware to fit in a little every day if you can. But don’t forget to reach out for support! It’s much easier having a team behind you than to go it alone.

  • Starting weight: 211 lbs (size 14/16)
  • Current weight: 206.2 lbs


  1. Rosemary, great job on the weight loss! And keeping your sanity during the painting AND fitting in the workouts that week!

  2. Keep it up. Even 30 minutes a day is a dent. I went to 30 Minute Hit Monday and today. Last night I did Happy Hips Yoga and tomorrow I hope to go for an early morning swim. This weekend I will be hiking in Jasper. We can do it!

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