90 Day Challenge: Tips from a Trainer


Our training team at Blitz are asked time and time again for tips and tricks to see results.  The fact of the matter is, after talking about strategies about nutrition, fitness and surrounding yourself with a positive community these are all entirely inconsequential to the one key thing: effort.  We can empower ourselves with as much knowledge and information as we want but if we don’t have dedication and willingness it is all meaningless.

I’ve seen things on the internet that say that it takes 21 days to break a habit or gain one but in actuality but it takes years.  Our brains need to shift massively and it takes periods of time to move from resisting the change, to accepting and then to fully committing to them.  It takes a huge shift in mindset to surround yourself with a community of positive thinking people that are determined to change both themselves and those around them.  It takes effort to search for the right formula for success, whether it’s in nutrition,  fitness or personal growth.  It takes a lot of effort to love yourself enough to leave a lifestyle of comfort in exchange for some temporary discomfort.  At the end of it all, you just need one thing to accomplish this, and it’s effort.

You read in Paul’s blog yesterday  that talked about increased strength, better nutrition, increased stamina, and better sleep quality which are awesome things to celebrate, but let’s also include on the list that effort that it took to get to this point.  The effort habit is something that will take a while to engrain into Paul’s system  allowing him to fall forward into fitness and a healthy lifestyle when times are tough instead of falling back on old habits.  The effort to pursue change and a vision is something so empowering that only you are able to do this for yourself.  You have to want change, day-in and day-out and we will help you along the way to success!

I thought I’d show you a whole body circuit today.  This one is designed to get your heart-rate pumping and really challenge all of your muscles at the same time.

Equipment Needed:

  • Gliders
  • BOSU Ball
  • Dumbells (this needs to be enough weight so you can exercise for 45 seconds)
  • Barbells (this needs to be enough weight so you can exercise for 45 seconds)
  • Bench

Intervals: Do all of the exercises, one right after the other, and rest after each circuit.

  • 45 seconds exercise
  • 15 seconds rest between exercises


a) Burpee Barbell Row: Back, Biceps, Legs, Core, Cardio

  • Perform a push up with your hands about shoulder width apart on a barbell
  • while getting up from the push up, thrust your hips forward so your body weight is over the barbell and your feet are almost touching the barbell
  • Keep your back parallell to the ground and engage your core as you stand up
  • Grip onto the barbell while you get up
  • Perform a row by bringing your shoulder blades together and bringing your elbows as far back as possible
  • Bring the weight to your sternum
  • Return the weight back down to the ground
  • Return to the push-up position



b) Plank Reach Out with Weight with Feet on BOSU: Core, Shoulders

  • With your toes on the BOSU ball and your hands placed on two dumbells
  • Your chest and a majority of your body weight should be over your hands
  • Shift your body weight to one hand and raise the other one above your head
  • Place your hands back down on the ground and repeat with the opposite arm





c) Cross mountain climbers with your feel on gliders: Core

  • Keep your body weight over your arms
  • To increase the difficulty place one foot on a glider and keep the other foot suspended in mid air
  • Bring the foot that is on the glider towards the opposite side of your body as if you are trying to touch the opposite knee to the opposite elbow
  • Return your leg back to the orinal position and repeat on the same leg for the 45 seconds
  • Switch legs






d) Plank Reverse Flyes with one hand on BOSU: back, core, shoulders

  • With both of your feet planted about shoulder width apart and one hand planted on top of the BOSU ball
  • Keep your body weight evenly displaced evenly across your planted hand and your feet
  • Grip on to the light weight with your free hand
  • Bring the hand backwards so that your shoulder blad is touching your spine
  • Bring the hand back down and repeat
  • Repeat for 45 seconds and then switch sides





e) Bench hops to 90 degree turns: legs, core cardio

  • While seated on the bench in a straddling position
  • Push or Jump through your heels
  • Turn your body 90 degrees away
  • land on top of the bench
  • hop back down


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  1. Thanks Chris!
    You’re right. Effort should have been at the top of my list and I’m so grateful that you haven’t let me forget that whether we’re pushing one last rep or you giving me a hard time because I missed a workout. It’s all appreciated and always will be!

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