90 Day Challenge: The Final Results

Today is September 8th. It’s the last day of my Blitz Conditioning 90-Day Challenge, and it’s also my 28th birthday.

If this is your first time reading about the 90-Day Challenge, I suggest you start here and find out why I decided to take on this very (public) challenge.

Now that we’ve reached the 90-Day mark, everyone is dying to know: Did I reach the initial goals I set out for myself from the start of this 90 Day Challenge?

Answer: No.

I started this challenge thinking it would be a good idea to set goals based around my weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels and muscle mass. It wasn’t long before I realized that once you increase physical activity and physical health – NONE of these numbers really matter.

But just in case you’re curious, here were my numbers:

Starting:          214.0 pounds  |  22.3% Body Fat  |  60.3% Hydration  |  43.0% Muscle Mass
Goal:               190.0 pounds  |  16.0% Body Fat  |  75.0% Hydration  |  50.0% Muscle Mass

I want to tell you why I set these specific goals out for myself.

I set my goal weight to 190 pounds because losing 24 pounds in 15 weeks sounded reasonable to me and I didn’t consider the weight I would gain in muscle mass. My body fat percentage goal was a little bit of a “Hail Mary pass”, but I wanted that ‘look’ of razor thin skin like bodybuilders have. I eventually learned that the ‘look’ I was going for was something that would come with time and a very strict, clean diet – two things I didn’t really stick to for the entirety of the challenge. I included the hydration figures because it was part of the fancy scale I was basing these measurements on; I had no goals to really reach a 75% hydration level. I wanted to raise my muscle mass to 50%, but managed to only increase it to 0.9% in 90 days. But at the end of the challenge, I see a difference in my muscle mass and I’m happy with that 0.9%.

After completing the 90-Day Challenge, here are the final numbers:

Actual:            207.8 pounds  |  20.7% Body Fat  |  61.4% Hydration |  43.9% Muscle Mass

The difference between day 1 and day 90 is:

Difference:        -6.2 pounds  |   -1.6% Body Fat  |   +1.1% Hydration | + 0.9% Muscle Mass

Looking at the numbers, I obviously didn’t reach my goal. However, those numbers were just ideal estimates; at the end, they have no effect on my personal feelings about this challenge.

In all honesty, I crushed the 90-Day Challenge! Compared to Day 1 of the challenge – I’m feeling, looking, sleeping and eating MUCH better. The results I see in the mirror and feel are way better than any proof in numbers! Let me explain:

Over the 90-Day Challenge transformation, I had a lot of people asking me questions about my exercises and eating habits. I’ve decided to lay it all out on the line right now.

1. How much time did you spend in the gym per week?

Every week, I spent anywhere from 5-9 hours doing some type of physical activity. In total, throughout the entirety of the 90-Day Challenge, I likely spent 110-130 hours of my life being physically active. I trained hard until I was covered in sweat and I rarely gave up before the time limit I’d set for myself ended. There were days when I didn’t push as hard as others, but I always tried to make up for any slack.

2. Did you give up on your social life and summer for this challenge?

Absolutely not! Every morning from Monday to Friday, I was at Blitz Conditioning for their 7:15AM team workout; every now and then, I tried to participate in a weekend boxing or HIIT class. Morning workouts were essential in balancing my social life. Anyone will tell you that I’ve attended social events, regardless if I decided to take on this challenge and workout, or not. This challenge just made me more aware of my eating/drinking behaviours outside of my time at Blitz Conditioning or personal workouts.

3. What is really driving you to get into shape?

Honestly, everyone. Family, friends, our general society. Plenty of people have approached me to let me know that, with this 90-Day Challenge, I’ve inspired them to do the same. Just the other day, a good friend stopped me in the street to tell me he’s started back up at the gym and that I was a big influence in him making that decision. I truly believe that if I can do it then anyone can do the same. I don’t mind leading the way, and helping others enjoy a complete lifestyle change for the better.

(There were many other questions, but those were the top three I felt would be best to share)

Working Out & Physical Activity

In general, dedicating 120-ish hours of  life to the gym is a lot to ask of someone. I managed to fit it in to my routine by doing 30 minutes here and there whenever I could.

In the beginning, just getting up and getting to Blitz Conditioning in the morning was hard enough. Once I got there, I had the actual workout to worry about! After a few weeks, I got used to it;  it became a part of me and a big part of my day. My schedule looked something like this:

  • Monday – Whole Body (focus on legs)
  • Tuesday – Chest & Triceps
  • Wednesday – Whole body (focus on upper body)
  • Thursday – Back & Biceps
  • Friday – Whole Body (focus on legs)
  • Saturday – Bike ride, HIIT class or day off
  • Sunday – Bike ride, HIIT class or day off
During the last two weeks of this challenge, I decided to up the intensity of my fitness routine and I added in some cardio. I believe this really helped trim the last few inches around my waist and fill in a lot muscle mass. At the end of my 90-Day Challenge, my schedule looked something like this:
  • Monday – Whole body HIIT + 30 min cardio
  • Tuesday – Chest & Triceps + 30 min cardio
  • Wednesday – Legs
  • Thursday – Back & Biceps + 30 min cardio
  • Friday – Whole Body HIIT + 30 min cardio
  • Saturday – day off
  • Sunday – Legs

I’m not the biggest fan of cardio. I found that running on the elliptical gave me the best “bang for my buck” in terms of workout results for time spent. Within minutes, I would be sweating and the elliptical didn’t bother my knees or ankles the same way running usually does.

Nutrition & Eating Clean

If you’ve read my posts, you know that I went on a few weekend benders. Copious amount of empty calories did not help me lose my belly or help boost my metabolism; if anything, all these nights out slowed down my results. BUT, in taking on this challenge, I had told myself that I wouldn’t give up the concept of living out a normal summer.

Instead of missing out on the “fun to be had”, I planned around each occasion and event as well as I could. I ate as clean and as healthy as possible all week. I counted Saturday nights as my cheat day for the week. In fact, I still do consider Saturdays as “Cheat Day”… Last Saturday I was at a stag, tonight I’ll be sitting at a table with some of closest friends at a pub downtown… I digress…

I knew I was going to need at least one cheat day a week; instead of avoiding it I embraced it. I ate healthy meals consisting of chicken, tons of vegetables, and more spinach salads than I can count. I also had some great tasting protein shakes. It took more than 60 of the 90 days to perfect my eating habits to the point of feeling really good, but now I can find deliciousness with so many options and I don’t stress about my one night of enjoyment every week.

My Overall 90 Day Challenge Experience

I’ve said it before in many of my posts: This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. If it weren’t for Chris and the Blitz Conditioning team, I would have never had the constant motivation to keep going and pushing through this challenge.

In one moment the other day, all the hours in the gym, endless lessons about eating right and proper eating habits were 100%, completely worth it.

I woke up in the morning and I walked into the bathroom. Turning on the light, I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that I had reached my goal for this 90 Day Challenge. The feeling is hard to explain. It was a better feeling than when I walked across the stage for graduation and it was better than the moment when I finally landed my dream job. In this moment, I realized that I had reached a goal because of my hard work, dedication and passion. I had literally busted my ass and sweated hard for this; I had made my goals and progress public for judgement. And at the end, I felt accomplished.

Thank you everyone for your support. Whether you sent me an email, commented on my posts, my Instagram, Twitter feed, Facebook shares or we chatted about it in person, I am truly thankful for your support. You pushed me, and made me stronger in the gym and outside of it. You made me want this for more than just me and you wouldn’t let me give up. Thank you!!

The Next 90 Days

My time writing about my 90-Day Challenge is done. It’s been fun and as much as I enjoy sharing half naked photos of myself on the Internet, it’s time for someone else to step up and take my place.

Starting Monday, September 10 there will be a new 90 Day Challenge participant on the Blitz Conditioning blog. You’ll be able to follow along with them just as you did me. So, stay tuned!

Again, thank you everyone for reading! I hope to see you at Blitz Conditioning soon. Perhaps we’ll share inspiring stories of accomplishment?!

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  1. Congratulations! You did it, and with such grace and humor and determination!
    Let that breath out and find some celebration. You deserve it for all your hard work and dedication to changing your life for the better.
    You are a true inspiration and should be proud of all you have accomplished! You’ve lighted the way for rest of us 🙂 and the path is bright and welcoming.

    Happy birthday! Enjoy today with those you care about and embrace the small, simple things life has to offer! This year is going bring you big smiles, deep spiritual laughter and blissful memories.

  2. Good for you!!! Excellent results. I think a life style change and being health conscious are the most important! are bodies are all different and the secret is to ,listen to yours. Eating clean is a must! A hope you keep it up. Cheat days are so necessary 😉

    Congrats Paul you look fab. Even your posture and disposition has changed. You are radiating from your core.

    I challenge you to a yoga class if you haven’t tried one 😉

    • Thanks Pamella!
      I will definitely be keeping this up! I feel waaaaaaay too good to ever revert back. Plus i’ve finally figured out how to cook healthy and love the taste!

      I have actually tried yoga (many different kinds)! I love acro yoga the most since it’s the most difficult and include a lot of lifts and stabilization. I also enjoy Hatha and Ashtanga too! Just haven’t gotten around to doing it for some time.

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