90 Day Challenge: The End is Near!!

If you’ve been following along, you’re well aware the finish line to my 90 Day Challenge at Blitz Conditioning is almost here! (Actually, I was so excited about it – I thought it was today!!)
This Saturday, September 8th, I’ll reveal the final before and after pictures!

Leading up to this final week, I’ve made a few changes and tweaks in hopes of cutting out the last stubborn inches and extra fat by the final day: I cut out a majority of the carbohydrates that used to be incorporated into my diet; I also added 30 minutes of cardio per day into my workout schedule.

Cutting Out Carbohydrates

To help burn the last few pounds of fat from my body, I made the decision to cut out almost all carbohydrates from my diet. For the most part of the 90 day challenge, I maintained a lower-carb diet; I introduced slow digesting carbs (yams, potatoes, rice) once or twice a day. While these carbs gave me lots of energy, they were keeping me from trimming off the last few inches. In the past week, cutting carbohydrates completely has helped me drop from 214.5 lbs to 210 lbs!! (Six packs are truly made in the kitchen!!)

30 Minutes of Cardio

I never felt like I needed to do any cardio because of the high intensity, full-body training that we did in the mornings at Blitz Conditioning. However, Chris suggested that even just 30 minutes of cardio a day would help get rid of the last stubborn inches – so I took his advice! I’ve been on the elliptical every day for 30 minutes and I love the results I’m seeing.

I figured that since I was on the last stretch before the big finale, there was no reason not to crank things up a notch and push myself! These strategies aren’t for everyone and there might be a different approach that would work better for you!

Stay tuned on Saturday! I’ll be recapping the entire experience, diet and exercise, from this 90 day challenge in a special Saturday blog post!

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep in touch and let me know how your goals, accomplishments and challenges are going! And if you have any questions, ask away! Thanks for following along!

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  1. Have a great finally:-) this is kinda like the finally of a good reality tv show.

  2. Well done Paul…the question becomes, what does the next 90 days hold?

    • Thanks Mark,
      The next 90 days will hold a little bit of a different workout schedule/routine + a slight diet change as well. I’ll spill the beans on all of that in my final post on Saturday. However, I will without a doubt continue all of this as I move forward. For me, this was all about kick starting a lifestyle change & I truly believe that is what I have accomplished.

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