90 Day Challenge: Thank you for your support

90 Day Challenge - Day 1 vs. Day 63Today’s 90 day challenge post is going to be a little different. I’m not going to share any new technique or eating habits I’m trying out. I don’t have any stories to about little blips or interfering injuries. I’m happy to announce that everything is going well with me and the challenge is a continuing success.

Today, I want to thank you.

Over the past 63 days of my 90 Day Challenge, I have tried to be as honest and forthcoming as possible about how I’m doing. The road hasn’t been easy, but the one thing that has made it so much easier for me is all the support I’ve been getting through this blog, Twitter, Facebook and even in person when I meet up with friends or family.

The support has been absolutely mind blowing! I find myself completely shocked to see what one little idea – this 90 Day Challenge that Chris & I had a few months ago – has done to help so many people get back into living the lifestyle they want.

I have new commitment to the last 27 days of this challenge.

Over the next 27 days, as I build up to my 28th birthday on September 8th, I promise all of you that I will work even harder! I’m going to eat as clean as possible (cutting out beer, greasy foods, etc) and push myself even more. Of course, I’ll write about it all.

It’s crunch time! When I entered this 90 Day Challenge, I promised myself I would keep living the life I was living and make minor adjustments. I’ve learned that if I want to be the best I can be, I have to change who I am and I have to change my lifestyle for the better.

Here’s what I’ll be doing for the last 27 days of this challenge:

  1. Trade ALL alcoholic drinks for vodka/soda & lime. |With a lot less calories than other drink options, this will be my drink when I feel the need to indulge. (Goodbye beer! It’s been fun but I want my belly fat gone.)
  2. Go to bed by 10:30pm. I still struggle with this, but I’m going to dedicate myself to it. The more research I read about how much sleep helps manage your weight and recover quicker, I feel like this is a big reason I haven’t seen the results I want.
  3. Take every opportunity to add physical activity into my daily activites. Instead of driving to the gym, I’m going to start biking. During the time I’d usually sit at home and play on Facebook/Twitter at night, I’ll be more active and go for a walk/run.

Again, I want to thank you all for your support in this adventure of mine! Your comments about rediscovering fitness and healthy eating by reading my posts have been incredibly inspiring for me and the Blitz Conditioning team. Actually, you’ve been so inspiring that I’m going to start planning a trip to Peru for the spring, where my brother and I will be hiking the Salkantay Trail into Machu Pichu! This is a hiking trip and awesome vacation idea that I have dreamed about for quite some time, and now I feel like I’ll be able to enjoy it because of my lifestyle changes.

Here’s to the final third of this challenge! If you ever want more help, comments, feedback or support – please never hesitate to comment below or send me a tweet! I love hearing from you!

90 Day Challenge

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  1. Looking good!! Love your commitment. Thanks again for sharing (and I am hoping one day soon I will get my crap together enough to share my own success 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Nice work, Paul!!!

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