90 Day Challenge: I slipped up

Alright. When I told you guys I was going to be straight up and honest with you about how I’m doing… this is the post where I regret saying that. Let me explain.

I slipped up.

It all started last Thursday at lunch when we had a new animation vendor come into the office to present a project of theirs. They brought 4 pizza’s (my first of all food loves) and I chowed down on 5 pieces without thinking about it. A few hours later I had a cliff bar and protein shake. Following that, the whole company went bowling where we had nachos and drinks. After that (at about 8pm), we went to Delux Burger Bar in West Edmonton Mall where four of us shared a 2,200 calorie plate of nachos, I had my own Delux burger, fries, glass of wine and their complimentary cotton candy. I know, I know… it gets worse.

I woke up Friday with a major food hangover. I felt terrible but I pushed through our vanity workout (arms & shoulders) and then headed into work. I wasn’t hungry all morning so I waited until lunch to eat again. For lunch I met up with a friend and ate a great spinach salad and drank as much water as I could to try and flush the bad food from yesterday out of my body. However, I spent Friday night at the new Mercer Tavern opening where I had some delicious bison sliders and fries followed by at least 8-10 drinks. At 2am a few of us decided to go for chinese food where I scarfed down mounds of rice and all sorts of fried meats.

By Saturday morning my stomach was killing me and the last thing I wanted to do was workout. However, that wasn’t going to be allowed since I promised Chris & Brett that we would shoot a few videos for the new BlitzFit Challenge. Now, typically I’d be able to complete this in under 10 min and I plan on proving that later this week but after 2 days of eating like I described above… here are the results.

I know, pretty pathetic for a guy that has been pushing to be in the best shape of his life. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed in myself but wait, it gets worse. Following my weak performance Chris took on the BlitzFit Challenge and absolutely crushed it.

I decided to take Saturday night and relax on my balcony when a couple of great friends invited me over to their place for a BBQ. The food was delicious and healthy but the 3 Corona’s we each had with the meal wasn’t so good for me. Follow that up with a few glasses of wine, meeting up with other friends at Sugar Bowl for another 4-5 pints, snacks and a 2am long boarding session around the university and needless to say my body was very very confused by this point.

High calorie and excessive amounts of food/drinks + lack of sleep = Goodbye metabolism, energy & motivation

I woke up really late, about 11am, on Sunday morning on my friends Curt & Teri’s air mattress and followed that up with waffles and syrup for breakfast. At about 1pm I headed home and while walking across the bridge Brett came running up behind me. He gave me a high five and said “17km buddy!”. Wow… I now felt like I hit rock bottom. Here’s Brett running 17km on a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m walking home to close the blinds and recover from the last 4 days of over indulging.

To make things worse I started feeling a little ill on Sunday night (surprise, surprise) and took the next 2 days and worked from home.

Now feeling a bit better and back at Blitz, I’m looking back at the last 4-7 days as a lesson learnt. Chris warned me all weekend not to eat/drink and stay up late like I was but sometimes things just get away from you. Speaking of which, I’m up to 118 pounds from 115 pounds just a week ago. I wonder why that is?

All is not lost.

I’ve learnt my lesson and I intend on changing a few things in my life to avoid slip ups like this. Being that fitness and health feels so ingrained into me I will push through this little slip up, and others as they come, and stay on track to living the life I want. That’s what this is all about. It’s no longer about being in the best shape of my life for my 28th birthday. It’s about feeling and looking great when I’m 30, 42, 65 and 97.

Have you slipped up before and ended up with a food hangover like I did? Please share your thoughts below.

*photo note: I feel like I can see some of that food perturbing from my belly and it’s about time for a hair cut

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  1. Brandi Antoniuk says:

    Oh the weekend food/booze bender… I know that all to well… My Saturday involved a wicked 4 course Italian dinner at Vivo (awesome restaurant on the west end – check it out on a “cheat day”), then drinks with friends at a bar/club. With all of the dancing we did, my friends and I were able to justify 2am McDonald’s. When we woke up the next day we were all so hurting that we decided to have a “fester day”… aka laying around in stretchy pants, watching TV and eating take-out. “Festering” then led us to put ourselves into a sushi coma around noon… The only benefit – once Monday hit, I had no desire to eat any crappy food, and haven’t all week. But my body definitely took a few days to recover and stop hating me.

    The moral of that embarrassing little blurb… You are so not alone. If not for weekends, I strongly believe I would be in a fitness magazine lol. I still think days like that are fun every once in awhile though, but maybe just not 4 in a row ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And about that whole “17km” on a Sunday thing – Brett is a robot. Just accept that lol. You’re doing great just realizing your mistakes and getting back on track! Keep up the good work, it’s super inspiring!

    • Thanks Brandi! Good to know I’m not alone ๐Ÿ™‚
      I push myself pretty hard to be the best and compete with those ‘robots’ and believe that one day I will get to that level where I’m being called a robot but until then I know I’ll keep slipping up. Heck, I know I’ll slip up even when I’m a robot. Chris is right in his post. Doesn’t matter if you slip up, it’s getting back up and kicking your own ass after the slip up that matters. Like a self check up.

  2. As long as you don’t lose sight of your goal you are doing just fine. You realized your mistakes and where you went and are correcting it. I would say congratulations to that as some people may not come back.

    Keep up your hard work. I am enjoying following this 90 days with you.

  3. Hey Paul! Your post made me feel so much better. I have been struggling with those hiccups for the past few months (since the weather started to get warmer…interesting). I used to be really good at not giving in, but I think I’ve lost focus. And it’s good to hear that it happens to everyone once in a while! Keep it up!

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