90 Day Challenge: When Old Injuries Come Back

7 years ago while teaching English in Taiwan, I fell 3 stories (about 35 feet) from my apartment building. I  landed on the concrete, which shattered my left femur (x-ray above) and broke my right fibula in half.

Although the series of events that lead to this mishap isn’t quite important, I’ll confirm your curiosity. I was intoxicated while trying to climb up my building because I had forgotten my keys at the bar. (Yes, I got to keep the titanium rod and screw that they put in my leg!)

Breaking both of my legs put me through a lot of rehab and on going issues that would arise and haunt me years later.

56 days into the 90-day Blitz Conditioning Challenge, I hadn’t felt any pain due to these old injuries. My hips, knees and thighs/hamstrings stood up great to the intense interval workouts that Blitz is quite well known for, and there were only a few days of individual leg workouts where I might have felt a small difference in my legs.

I was feeling pretty good! I decided to step up my game and start walking the Glenora stairs. The first few rounds did me well, but 4 or 5 rounds in would always cause an annoying twitch in my right calf – right where my fibula had snapped and never healed quite right. This morning, the injury hindered my workout and I was only able to complete 1 out of 5 “hero makers” with my team.

One important thing that Chris has taught me, is to always listen to my body. My leg was sore with every jump and step, which meant my body was trying to tell me that it was sore and not up to being pushed to it’s limits. After completing my first “hero maker” this morning, I grabbed a foam roller and stepped away to ease the soreness in my leg. For 45 minutes, I rolled my leg along the foam roller – working out every knotted muscle that was causing me pain. I’ve never used a foam roller before this morning, but it totally works!!

Here’s an example of a guy using a foam roller to work out knots and old muscle tissue in his leg.

For those of you laughing right now, try it out. Even though my legs still hurt, I can feel the difference after making good use of it.

Just because I’m injured doesn’t mean I’m going to quit.

Listening to your body and adjusting your workout to give that body part time to rest and heal is one thing and many people (I’ve seen and heard this before) would take this opportunity to take a few days, a week or even a month off from working out!!! That’s insane!

Don’t quit, adjust.

In order to give my leg some time to heal, I decided not to do the workout this morning.  Instead, I’ll take part in Blitz’ boxing class tonight since there is more focus on core and upper body. This way, I’ll still get a great workout (the boxing class is an amazing workout!) and my leg will love me for it.

Wrapping it up, here are this weeks profile photos. I feel like I’ve plateaued a little these last few weeks as I’ve really been trying to lose some of that belly fat and make those abs come out. Honestly, my nutrition still isn’t perfect (nor will it ever be) but I’m going to be making some extra tweaks to try and get a little more “oomph” out of my diet.

It’s pretty hard to see that my abs are kind of starting to pop out in the photo below, but if you look at the center image you’ll see the outline of what could (will) one day be my glorious 6 pack! (Something I have never been able to achieve!)

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading as of late about gaining muscle, losing fat and trimming up – relating it to my own progress on the 90 day challenge. Turns out, I’m pretty much right on track with the amount of training I’m doing and the foods I’ve been eating. I’ve lost some fat but gained some muscle.

I also read that gaining 1 pound of muscle per month is a phenomenal accomplishment! So, even though I’m just under the 2 month mark, (assuming I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle) just imagine what I will look and feel like after 12 months, 24 months or even the next 3-5 years! Here’s where the whole lifestyle change part comes into play.

Well folks, that’s my update for day 56. Overall I’m happy with my progress but there is still lots of room for improvement n my diet and cardio training. I’ll be incorporating some swimming and rowing exercises a few times a week as I move forward since these are low impact (good for letting my leg heal) whole body workouts.

Stay tuned!


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  1. I stumbled over your blog posts a few days ago and have enjoyed reading them. I appreciate how dedicated you are and how honest you’ve been. No one is perfect and it’s refreshing to see someone admitting when they slip up a little bit and working hard to get what they want. Keep it up, I’m cheering for you 🙂

    • Thanks Rhonda! I started this journey with the intent on being 100% honest about what happens. Actually, the guys at Blitz wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I appreciate the support knowing that I have one more person rooting for me 🙂

  2. Hey Paul, I follow Blitz on twitter and you as well and I too enjoy the blogs! I’m a trainer/competitive bodybuilder and I was once the fat kid in the playground. All to often we fall off the wagon and never get back on but it’s great to hear you working so hard, slipping up here and there but for the most part making a TRUE effort for yourself to be better each and everyday:) Good for you:) Keep going!

    • Thanks Brandy! I’ve seen your photos and it’s amazing to think that a self proclaimed fat kid can turn their body into a piece of art like you have. Very inspiring! Especially with a couple of little ones. Looking forward to your tweets

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